Kindred Spirits

I can distinctly remember sneaking in reading my beloved copy of Anne of Green Gables during my math class in 6th grade. My best friend and I would also pass notes to eachother about the terribleness of our teacher’s unfortunate outfit choices. Oh, thank goodness I was never caught!

I was always an ‘Anne Girl’ though….usually lost in my own world or a book, having lots of drama with my friends, and the comfort and thrill of having a very best friend with whom to share your triumphs and mortification of those awkward growing up years.
No literary friendship is stronger in that sense than Anne and her ‘bosom friend’ Diana, and their friendship. They were the best of kindred spirits, and LM Montgomery’s novels were always a celebration of the joy of finding ‘kindred spirits’ in the world, something I love about blogging. So many kindred spirits to find!
This painting is now available in my etsy shop. I’m thinking it’ll probably make a good print too. Go HERE to see the listing….

10 thoughts on “Kindred Spirits

  1. Anne of green gables has to be my all time favourite book, out of a very hard to choose huge collection of books :)I love the way you painted Anne and Diana, their hair is wonderful!!


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