A Friday Curiosity

I feel very fortunate to have my art for sale in a local antique shop that is full of the most magical and yes, sometimes strange, treasures. Like this rocking horse. It looks so real doesn’t it? That’s because…it’s made out of a horse. Yes. Horsehide and mane, at any rate.

It is one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen in a shop, and it’s fascinating. If you’re ever near Jenks, Oklahoma, you must treat yourself to a little jaunt over to Blue Heron Antique Shop. There is nothing else like it around these parts. Its packed full of early American antiques, handmade folk art dolls, samplers, candles, textiles, astrange Americana oddities (see above!), and of course, amazing paintings ๐Ÿ˜‰
You have to meet Gilbert too, the shop pup. He’s part golden retriever and part standard poodle. He’s is the funniest, cutest thing. Audrey adores him. I bet you will too!
Well, off this morning to shop for school clothes. It’s tax free weekend, so it’s going to be an absolute zoo out there. Wish me luck!~

6 thoughts on “A Friday Curiosity

  1. Gorgeous horse! And I'm liking the idea of this tax free weekend … I wonder if the UK government could be persuaded to institute something similar!


  2. Just popping by to say one of my hens laid her fist egg today Heather…..I feel fluffy English cake recipe coming on,I will see ow many eggs I have by Monday and then away to the kitchen to bake a cake!Love Karen


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