Something about this time of year just begs for a fresh start. Is it the new calendars? Fresh and empty planners? The weather certainly doesnt do much to inspire, but still…it makes me want to brainstorm and streamline and ponder what should be my path with this little folk art endeavor.

I thought one of the best ways to sharpen my focus would be to ask you all– my friends, readers and customers, what it is you like best about Audrey Eclectic and your favorite items to purchase. I’ve decided that this year will be different in that I don’t plan on doing many shows. One maybe. The rest of my time I’d like to devote to new endeavors, and expanding things online.
This will mean that I’ll have many more opportunities to buy originals. Instead of being horded for shows, originals will be placed in the shop. I’ll keep offering prints, would you all like the opportunity for more post cards? What about the ceramic dishes? I need some help brainstorming because these lazy dogs that are in my studio are no help. All they care about is when it’s time to take a walk or have a snack 😉
So. Any thoughts you may have would be greatly appreciated. I have a few ideas for long range plans, but I’m always eager to hear what it is that people would like to see in the shop.
Hope you’re having a good week and looking forward to hearing your thoughts,

6 thoughts on “Brainstorming

  1. First off, I'd like to say that I know that whatever you do in the future will be absolutely charming.The postcard that you sent with my last order is adorning the refrigerator–so I think postcards are a great idea. I love that you've been offering really affordable options for those of us who aren't currently in the \”buy an original\” market. However, I think it's wonderful that you'll be expanding your offerings. Best wishes for whatever you decide!


  2. I always enjoy seeing photos of artists work spaces. well, i live in a tiny cabin, so i only have room for tiny art. I love collecting ACEO's that are original. I have a small box of them and I have a few out and swap them for others from time to time. Also they are affordable for me. I rarely buy prints. Your art is always a joy to see .


  3. I agree with other comments that a variety of options with different price points would be great. My only experience is with a poster and I love that venue. However, depending on the original and cost, I might be interested in that as well. The Christmas cards were a very nice option so perhaps other card combos would work too? Overall, I guess a variety of sizes, and formats that seem to work with the topic would be welcomed. I will be visiting the store often and keeping up with the news on the blog! Thanks Heather for sharing your creativity with all of us! Such fun!!


  4. Yep I agree on all the comments about a variety of options.I love the little postcards, I don't have that much wall space so they are ideal, as they mean I still get little pieces of art I can place them in spaces around the house.Oh and I love the ceramics too, especially the mugs.I do plan on owning one of your originals one day so stocking more of those online is also good.Hummm actually more of everything is good for me. 🙂


  5. I love that your paintings are a window to the past. I feel as if I am an old soul at times so I can really relate to your paintings that are based from old photos. I think everything you do is fantastic! Your paintings are beautiful, your ceramics are useful and pretty to look at!


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