*Custom Portrait*

   Not too long ago I received the most lovely little goodies from over the ocean in Sweden. How perfect it was because that very day I’d also sent out this little portrait to my new friend Sara— a portrait of her in celebration of her new jewelry shop opening!

   Sara is a kindred spirit because she loves old things and she wanted her portrait to convey this about her, as well of her love of layers and pattern. I’ve painted her here with some old portraits and paintings behind her (one is inspired by a photo of her grandparents that she recently talked about on her blog) and an old doll house. She is holding a red apple inspired by her new shop Snovit’s Apple (Snow White’s Apple). If you’d like to see some additional photos of the piece, and see it in her adorable little place in Sweden, you can visit Sara HERE. I’m so pleased that it arrived safe and sound at its new home and that she loves it!

   As for me, I just finished a large format painting for the RAW show in June. At the moment I’m not quite sure how many pieces I’ll be asked to bring, but I thought I should have a few new things to share at least. I need to seal it and then it will be ready to show you!

   Another project I’ve been exploring has been crochet! I’ve decided its something I really want to learn since there are things you can do in crochet that are easier than in knitting. I also like the idea that its more free form. I am terrible at precise patterns! I checked out a few books at the library and have been slowly practicing. Its hard to be able to knit pretty nicely and evenly and then start a new type of needlecraft and it be all wonky and silly looking. But practice makes perfect! I’ve seen some beautiful granny square blankets that are more modern looking in their color schemes and I’d love to make one. Might as well dream big, right? 😉

   Well, I suppose I must start the day! Hope you enjoy this latest little painting!~

19 thoughts on “*Custom Portrait*

  1. such a beauty, the colors, wow, I think watercolors will be fun for you, I have made my own little boxes, Altoids make good ones, for travelling.I use the glue gun to make channels, then fill the spaces with watercolor paint from tubes, it dries and then you have your own box, I also use watercolor pencils, you would love them, so much fun!.I made a roll with stitched chambers for my brushes from a placemat the rolled it with a ribbon.I have started my new blog and its working well, I hope you will continue to find me there, have a good night,


  2. Heather~ The butterfly is so lovely sitting on your hand and wondering how to get these new tools working in some sort of useful way! I agree with you that the butterfly could be a sort of metaphor for new artistic endeavors. Personally, I love water colors and I think Audrey Electric in water colors is the perfect \”summer school\” course. Portable, less stuff to need at the time of painting, and the challenge of a new medium might just be the perfect solution to a ring side seat while Audrey plays in the splash pool, takes a riding lesson, or enjoys a friend over to play. It could be a way to renew some energy for you and solve the child care need. I predict you will get an \”A\” for the course! And of course all of us will be quite excited to see what you work on. We are expecting a lonnnggggg HOT summer here in Florida and if OKL is the same, you are going to have quite a tan to go along with that new artwork as you take Audrey for lots of cool off actvities!!


  3. Winnie- thanks so much for your encouragement and belief in my watercolor skills 🙂 When I was in college, I pretty much just painted in watercolor, funny now that I might be coming full circle in a way, but its been many years and I've very rusty. You get used to a certain type of paint and how it works. Hopefully I'll remember and learn some new tricks too!


  4. This is just lovely for Sara!! It is perfect to commemorate her store opening as well!! You are so talented Heather and I am sure Sara was tickled pink to have this special portrait as a keepsake!! Thanks for sharing!


  5. The portrait is wonderful! I popped over and read her blog post about it, she called it one of her most prized possessions, what an awesome compliment. You are quite talented.


  6. Such a beautiful painting. There is something about Sweden which really appeals to me. It would be fascinating to explore Scandinavian fairytales and folklore, don't you think?Well done on the crochet front. I REALLY want to learn but I know there is quite a lot going on in this little life of mine and one skill more might just tip the balance. Next year, maybe? In the meantime I look forward to seeing pictures of your progress.Stephanie


  7. Stephanie, I know, there is something about Sweden that calls to me as well. I think I would get on very well there! I love all the traditional folk art and folk lore. I know what you mean about not needing one more project…i just keep finding more stuff to get interested in!


  8. Hello sweet you!!!! so so so lovely portrait you made!!! it is wonderful and I so looking forward!!! haven´t heard anything yet, but if I don´t in Monday, I take it out anyway..***mother.in.law here..I´m socializing :))) just a quick look in, have to go but coming back soon…love Lycke


  9. This is so beautiful. I saw it on Sara's blog too (which I started following after you mentioned her in your blog) and it does look lovely on her wall. 🙂


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