Buy a print, help an artist!

   I had an idea today that I thought would be great both for me and for you! I know many of you have expressed your wish to come support me at the Solstice show put on by RAW Natural Born Artist coming up next week, but are too far away to attend. I so wish you could come! But I’ve thought of another way you could support me in my endeavor to sell my portion of the event’s tickets— and I hope you like it!

    For the $10 ticket price, plus standard $3 shipping (so $13) I will send you a print of your choice, which is an $8 discount on my regular print price. So if there’s one you’ve been eyeing, now might be the time to buy and help a little artist out 🙂 plus, I’ll throw in a chance to win a package of Audrey Eclectic post cards to one lucky buyer!

   All you need to do is email me if you’re interested, and I will send you a paypal invoice. Your purchase will go directly to help with the Solstice show, and I will send you whatever print your little heart desires! You can check my etsy shop to see which ones I have in stock at the moment.

  As always, I so appreciate your support and interest and visits. I am always so touched by your wonderful comments, and each time you make an Audrey Eclectic item part of your home or a gift to someone special. I love that! And that is what keeps me painting!

  Now, fittingly, I need to get back at painting! Please let me know if you have any other questions, and know I am so thankful for any and all support you give!~

4 thoughts on “Buy a print, help an artist!

  1. oohhh, I got to order a print that I have had my eye on for awhile!! I sure wish I lived closer and could attend the art show. It sounds very cool! Alas, Tulsa is a \”fer piece\” from Florida!


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