Cocoa Kitty

   Our animal brood expanded this week. On Monday I took Audrey for a drive for a secret surprise. When we pulled up to the little farm where a family had baby barn cats in need of a new home, she was shocked and surprised. I let her choose the kitten we would take and she chose this sweet little long haired tabby— a girl called “Coco” that we soon realized was actually a boy, slightly redubbed to be “Cocoa.” Because he’s got dark brown chocolatey spots. It works, right? At any rate, Cocoa is totally precious.

I’ve been busy getting ready for the RAW Solstice show— I can sell tickets for only about a day more, so the print sale will last til then, and I’d still appreciate any help! There is also dance camp….piano lessons…play dates…oh, and folk art. This summer is keeping us busy. Last night we joined some friends for an amazing dinner at a local organic farm, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. It was just lovely. And inspiring too in regards to growing your own food and buying and supporting local farming.

Anyhow…I did just finish another winter painting! I hope you like it! I will show it to you soon! 
Til then…

12 thoughts on “Cocoa Kitty

  1. Oh, oh, oh! Such kitty perfection. I am in love with this image. What a beautiful surprise for your daughter. How's your beloved dog these days? Ours is becoming an adolescent ;-)Wishing you much painting inspiration and success.Stephanie


  2. Sweet little Cocoa! Cutest name, cutest kitten! How lucky your little girl is 😉 This little baby will certainly have a very blessed life with you.


  3. What a little angel! Your daughter must be thrilled. I have misnamed a number of kitties. One of my current boys was named Zsa Zsa (Gabor), and HE is now going by Ya Ya! Lisa


  4. Oh I love the face of a kitten!! So full of curiosity and play . I am quite interested in your dinner at the farm too!! Please tell us all about it and hopefully you will have photos !! Indeed summer is in full swing. I spent Saturday canning and it was really fun. I tried a new salsa recipe with the Roma tomatoes I grew and it was so simple and delicious.


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