Things to Share

       After a bit of a summer vacation, I am pleased to announce that I will be resuming the Tasha Tuesdays feature here on the blog come August 28! That seemed like the perfect day to start because it is Tasha’s birthday! There will be lots of celebrating across the web with Clarice’s celebration, and we will have a little birthday party here ourselves 🙂 It’ll be a great way to kick off the autumn festivities here!
   If you’d like to catch up on past Tasha Tuesdays, you can visit the archives HERE.

   In other news, the Jane Austen Collection of notecards are now available in my etsy shop! I hope you like them! They are perfect to send little notes to a fellow book lover, and can work any time of year. I think they’d also be nice for wedding cards or for a bridal shower, since Austen was so adept at romance. There are still several sets left in the shop:

   I am also happy to report that it’s cloudy and cool and actually raining here in Oklahoma! Much like last year, we suffered through a scorching July and then August seems to have brought us some much more mellow temperatures. I am so thankful! It’s been in the low 90s and even the 80s here lately. Last night I woke up to the rumble of thunder and went outside to make sure I’d covered the rabbits (there’s nothing worse than a wet and annoyed bunny!) and we got some good showers. There are more moving in as I type and I love it. I’m so ready to be done with glaring sun and soaring temperatures.

   School also starts on Monday and we’re all excited. Audrey has literally been counting the days! We’ve met her teacher and bought all her supplies and have all her school clothes ready. It will be so nice to settle down into a routine again, and have a real routine of working through the day on my art. I’m really looking forward to it!~

   Well, have a good weekend!~ And talk more with you soon,

9 thoughts on “Things to Share

  1. Let's hear it for rain and cooler weather!What wonderful news for your area! I too am excited about celebrating the return of Tasha Tudor and what better way that starting with her birthday! I am looking forward to the celebration with you and other readers! Monday will be so fun for Audrey as she moves into a new classroom and all the new activities of a new grade. Our schools start here on Monday as well and even if you no longer have children in school, it automatically changes the pace of the week. Ahhh, fall is coming soon!!!!


  2. Congratulations on the rain!!! I am so happy to hear it has finally come your way. I'm also quite delighted to hear Tasha Tuesdays will once again be coming our way (thanks to you!) Looking forward to the 28th….


  3. I remember how excited I always was to go back to school. That means autumn is on the way and Halloween and Thanksgiving. So exciting! Paul and I visited Oklahoma City Saturday (my dad's been in the hospital, but he's home now) and drove through rain almost all the way. I know you needed it! It was really funny to see \”Statewide Burn Ban in Effect\” signs peeking out from torrential rains. We even hit some flooding in Edmond.


  4. So glad to hear that it´s raining again Heather. And routines- it´s so important to have routines in life I feel. I feel that when I manage to have really good routines I am a happier person than when I have bad routines. And when one has good routines one can really enjoy not having routines so much- such as on a sunday or during the summer holday.


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