A Scottish Morning

    This weekend we jaunted off to the Oklahoma Scottish Festival, on a morning that was so perfectly Scottish, it was practically plaid. It had been rainy for a couple of days before and so things were damp and green, and the sky was cloudy and there was a bit of a chill. Combine that with the sound of bagpipes ringing through the air and kilts everywhere you turned, well, I could have sworn we’d left Oklahoma and headed to Scotland!

   Audrey enjoyed a pony ride and watching the highland dancers who performed in one of the tents. I could tell she really liked watching the girls– and boys– dancing. I think dance is her passion in life, and it’s fun watching her get excited about it.

    I had stopped to pawn over some tea cups and mugs (I did get one! It has a beautiful thistle pattern on it!) when this group of musicians formed right in the walk way and gave a performance. I loved getting a closer look at all their accessories— who knew knives in the sock was so stylish! And was impressed to see a girl rockin’ the bag pipes!

   We saw a lot of cute dogs at the festival too– lots of Shelties, even a Corgi, but the star of the games was obviously the Irish Wolfhound. I haven’t seen a lot of these dogs in person before— they are huge– but look at the photo above and try to count how many you can find!

   One woman was nice enough to let Audrey and I come up and pet her dog and tell us a little about him. The dog stood face-to-face with Audrey while on all fours. I’ve read they can stand 7 feet tall on their hind legs, and I believe it! They are beautiful and were so calm and gentle. The one we visited with gave Audrey a sniff or two and then laid down at her feet.

  Of course it’s not the Scottish Festival— or Scottish Games as they are also called– without, well the games. There was a lot of tough stuff going on in the center of things, this was a contest of throwing a large rock! We also saw them bringing in the large logs of wood that the men toss. Just watching all this made my back hurt 😉

   It was a fun morning to get out as a family though, and the weather was perfect. It made me a little jealous that we don’t seem to have a drop of Scottish blood in us (We kept the fact that “Sleightholm” is northern English under wraps, lol) because there was a ton of great information on Scottish family names, clans, tartans and plaids. If you’re of Scottish descent, I highly recommend you attend a Scottish Games! 

   Have a good weekend,

6 thoughts on “A Scottish Morning

  1. What a great morning for such an event! All the plaids and bagpipes in full dress are inspiring. I hope to someday visit Scotland as my Dad's heritage is Scotch/Irish. Once I even found our family plaid and bought a wool scarf to wear. I think I found the correct one, at least. The sad part is that Florida is not exactly a wool wearing state! I am glad you and your family had such a fun morning!


  2. It looks like great day, in fact it looks like somewhere near a major Scottish town, apart from the Irish Wolfhounds, you don't see so many of them up there! Though funnily enough I know a Scottish lady who breeds them, and I can tell you even the puppies are huge!Isn't caber tossing – the logs of wood are cabers – marvellous 😀


  3. Sounds like a great day out!! Love the irish wolfhounds, my neighbour has a deerhound which is a bit smaller and skinnier than the irish wolfhound but look similar, he's a whole lot of fun!!


  4. This looks like it was a LOT of fun!!!! My husband is of Scottish descent. We're actually going to a city arts event later this month that coincides with a Celtic music festival, where there will be bagpipers. We're excited to go! Thanks for sharing these photos!!!


  5. hello there sweet you! have been so much here, and still is, but tonight we are starting papering our walls, finally 🙂 but other things too, colds and much lack of time. wish one could order some more of that time (smiles) so happy for your words at my site, so so happy you shall know. and this festival looks so nice. can like scottish traditions too so much in my mind. and the huge dogs 🙂 are they six of them?now I have to look some more..love Lycke


  6. I stumbled across your blog looking for something completely different, and I'm so glad I did! I'm the dance instructor for the Highland dancers, and I'm the dancer in the middle. 🙂 I'm so glad you had fun, and I hope you come back this year! You might also check out the Iron Thistle Scottish Festival (April 27-28) in Yukon. It's a blast!


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