Create Silhouette Ornaments for the Holidays

Create Silhouette Ornaments for the Holidays

Here I am! A little giggly, a little nervous, a little “oh please don’t let the camera see my hands shaking” but even though we ran out of time, I think it went well. Thanks to Great Day Green Country for having me on!

I think I might also do a more detailed, slow paced tutorial of this on the blog for future reference. But enjoy!~


7 thoughts on “Create Silhouette Ornaments for the Holidays

  1. You did terrific! What a great idea to share on TV with viewers while getting a chance to introduce yourself and invite people back by attending the Indie show. You looked just beautiful too with your smile. I love hearing what you sound like in real person too. Congratulations on a successful morning appearance!! Woohoo!!


  2. It was great! I was watching you at first to see how nervous you were and I didn't notice it at all, and then I got so caught up into the \”how to make the Silhouettes\” that it didn't matter! It was great! I loved it and have all kinds of gift ideas now!


  3. Oh my gosh – you are so cute! And that was great – I want to try, but I don't know if I'll be as handy with a paintbrush! Until you got to that part, I was thinking \”I could maybe do this.\” 🙂


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