October Happenings

    Two months ago, when we were in the worst of the summer heat and misery, the thought of October was like a distant dream. Would it ever be chilly enough for sweaters, hats? Would there even be pumpkins after this drought? Would autumn ever come?

   The answer, happily, is yes! We’ve been busy with Autumn fun lately— there seem to be tons of autumn birthdays among my family and friends, and there is just a more festive feel to life in general.

     On Saturday we went to our favorite English Pub in Tulsa (The White Lion) and my brother and my husband celebrated their birthday— they were born on the same day, well– 8 or so years a part! They’re both very beardy, aren’t they? And both love the amazing chocolate cake that is a house special at The White Lion. Will got his standard bangers and mash, and I tried a Cornish pasty with chips (so, fries to we Yankees). It was really good! 

   On Sunday our church celebrated The Feast of St. Francis with a Blessing of the Animals– many Catholic, Anglican and Episcopal church hold one of these special services to honor the faith and unconditional love of pets in honor of St. Francis, who was all about the critters. This was Franklin’s first blessing, and both dogs behaved very well! They seem to like choral music too 😉

   Seeing the church all bedecked in candles with beautiful artwork all around was wonderful– for the first time I could really feel a sense that the holidays and all those special occasions of the end of the year are close at hand! It was also really fun to see so many dogs at the blessing– from tiny toy pooches to Great Danes and Greyhounds. So cute!

   And I can’t mention autumn without mentioning knitwear! Hurray, the season is here once again! I got to bring out my Secret Garden knit hat and matching wristlets that a friend made me and I was so happy! I would be happy living in perpetual autumn. It’s got everything I need! 

   And of course since the season is here, it must be decorated for! A few days ago I ‘officially’ brought out all my Halloween things and put them out to enjoy. To decorate the mantle I used the gold star banner I had made for my craft show booth as well as some Martha Stewart eyelash yarn I found at Michaels! Also got some battery powered candles to safely give off that candlelit glow. Love how it all looks!

   So….that is how I am enjoying October so far. How are you enjoying this merry month? Do you have anything special planned? 

   Well, I have tons to get finished on the art table, so I must dash!
Til next time,

10 thoughts on “October Happenings

  1. I love all of your fall decorations both inside and out!!even if the weather does not cooperate in Florida, having the familiar decorations and smells of autumn feel good. We had the celebration of St Francis day at church last week as well. It is always fun to see the pets arrive all wondering what was going on??? After the summer of 2012, Fall could not be more welcomed!!!


  2. I can hear the 'autumn' excitement in your voice Heather! How fun you got to celebrate the birthdays of your fave bearded gentlemen. I love your hat (oh, and cute Audrey's pom-pom hat earlier, too)!Your mantel looks terrific. Our kids love Halloween, so we've got scary fellas hanging around our fireplace and faux gravestones out front. Boooooo..


  3. Oooh Goood, I LOVE your mantle and everything thats on it. I looks so so wonderful with your art there also. and you look wonderful. one can really see how happy and full of life you are. love the hat too, and what a lovely celebration at church..love it all, and I also love this seasin so much. the only thing is that I get so frozen 🙂 looking for more warm cardigans I do :)))love Lycke


  4. I think I love autumn best too, or maybe I mean October, although it's turning out to be a wet one here in the UK and I'm longing for some crisply cold, sunny days with a touch of frost.That is a beautiful photo of you!


  5. We are so similar! hehe, I love your Halloween decor! I had to put mine out this weekend, I just couldn't wait any longer. Enjoy your October while it lasts!! 🙂


  6. Everything about this post is perfect. I, too, would be most delighted to live in perpetual autumn. What is there not to like about it, really? I actually have a pumpkin pie in the oven right now. Happy birthday to your brother and hubby…looks like a fantastic pub. And I think what your church does is simply fantastic. Wish there was something like that around here, too. Your Halloween decor is awesome, as always. Love the country-vintage style. 🙂 Hooray for October!!!


  7. I do love a good bearded man 😉 Hehe, the dear man in my life enjoys growing his out and then shaving it off. Maddening I tell you, I wish he'd just grow it out like a lumberjack. Your mantle looks so incredible. All of your own pieces mixed in with some gorgeous autumnal decor! I love it!


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