Gerda’s Journey

   While yes, I am fully in the throes of Autumn, I must look ahead to Christmas. And it’s been a treat! I can’t tell you how excited I am for Christmas this year. I really want it to be special, homemade, and thoroughly enjoyed. 
   That’s why even though I’m delighting in all things pumpkin and autumn-lovely in life, in the studio we’re deep into December.
   This latest painting was finally called “Gerda’s Journey” after the girl featured in the Hans Christian Anderson story “The Snow Queen.” Thanks to my friend Samantha for suggesting it!
   This painting features my first reindeer! I was nervous about it, my people are always stronger than my animals, but I’m actually really pleased with how he turned out!

   I will definitely be ordering prints of this piece and I think she’s a great candidate for a Christmas Card! What do you think? And do you have any favorite wintery tales that would make for a great painting?


12 thoughts on “Gerda’s Journey

  1. She is simply fabulous! And your first reindeer is PERFECT. I think I hinted on FB for you to create a reindeer, and you totally didn't disappoint! I'd love a print, for sure. 🙂 I have an idea for another wintery tale painting…how about Clara from the Nutcracker!!!! It's one of my favorites. 🙂


  2. Heather~ Oh, this painting is quite wonderful! Your reindeer turned out very well. I love Gerda's outfit and the deep snowy scape just feels so winter. I think this would make great Christmas cards too.


  3. Heather, i think the painting is absolutely beautiful!! i love the reindeer. she looks like a girl in the Swedish woods :-). you made me realize how soon the Christmas is… i must also make some winter jewelries.


  4. Your reindeer looks amazing! I can't believe how beautiful the detail in your work is, every piece is just more beautiful than the next. I am so excited for Christmas… your holiday pieces evoke the most perfect Christmas winter foresty wonderland.


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