Tasha Tuesday with guest Melissa from Julia’s Bookbag

Good morning to you, and welcome to a special “Tasha Tuesday!” I am so happy to be introducing you to some other Tasha loving friends over the next few weeks. 
I really enjoy hearing other people’s thoughts and what they love and relate to about one of my favorite artists, Tasha Tudor. Whether it be her art, writing, or approach to life, there are many things that people love about Tasha and this is a great time to celebrate that!

Our first visit is with Melissa from the charming blog “Julia’s Bookbag” where she shares some of her favorite children’s books that she discovers along with her sweet daughter, Julia.

Recently Melissa and Julia snuggled up with Tasha Tudor’s book “Around the Year.” Here is what Melissa had to say about it (please follow link to read the entire post on her blog!)


  I’ve mentioned just a few times that I kind of worship at the shrine of Tasha Tudor.  Really, Melissa, you did? Where? Oh, HERE (you get to see a 3yr old Julia!) and also HERE in my “A Time to Keep’ post (the most beautiful book ever!) I just checked out Tasha’s Cookbook from the library and I’m loving it.

I just can’t get enough of her work. There are few authors and artists out there who are so special and unique that I’m slowing working on a collecting each and every one of their works. Tasha belongs in that group. Her books are THAT special. These are the books you pass down to your kids and they pass down to their children.

Here’s how strong a position I take about her- either read the version she illustrated of “A Little Princess‘ (by Frances Hodgeson Burnett) – or don’t read it at all.

Few people draw like her, and even fewer are depicting the time and the old fashioned style of life that she illustrates.

She doesn’t just draw, I’ve decided.

She illuminates…….

To read more of Melissa’s post, please follow THIS link!

3 thoughts on “Tasha Tuesday with guest Melissa from Julia’s Bookbag

  1. Thanks Melissa for your insights on Tasha Tuesday. When my children were young, I think I was more drawn to Tasha's illustrations than the stories. My girls enjoyed the antics of the Corgis best of all!! It is always so fun to read how others have found inspiration through Tasha's works.


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