Celebrating the holidays around the country!~

   First of all— thank you so so much to my friends who took part in the St. Lucia Blog Procession! It was so much fun and I loved each and every post! You all did a fantastic job, and I hope everyone had fun visiting the various blogs! It was so much fun, and something I hope we can do each St. Lucia Day!~
   Speaking of St. Lucia and all the other holiday pieces I’ve done, I have some fun news to share with you all. Audrey Eclectic artwork could be showing up at a church or a shop near you!~
   Several of my paintings have been lent with my permission for various churches around the country to use for special event programs, and I thought I’d take a moment to highlight those paintings being used and the churches they will appear at:
St. Lucia
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Smorgasbord and St. Lucia Procession 
Madonna of the Blossoms
United States 

Madonna and Child in Blue
Christmas Eve service
Washington, D.C. 
Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas Day Festival
my church in Oklahoma

St. Nicholas Day
Washington, D.C.

And to top it all off, I have some great shopping news— you can now find my cards for sale at Dala Bird, a new sweet little shop that focuses on Scandinavian items in Northfield, Mass. After the holidays, it will also have an online presence that anyone around the country (and world, I’m sure!) can shop at.

  I’m very happy to be sharing this wonderful news with you all. And so glad that so many of you have embraced my artwork and chosen to make it part of your Christmas. It makes me feel humble and thankful. Thank you, so much, for your love and support!

Wishing you a merry and peaceful Christmas,

10 thoughts on “Celebrating the holidays around the country!~

  1. Your work will be all over the country! That is amazing! I'm so happy for you! Of course I'm not surprised. I love your paintings so much that my house is starting to look like a museum dedicated to your work 🙂


  2. Congratulations Heather! Your works are so unique and beautiful and I am very happy that more people will have a chance to see them and get to know you too. And yes, indeed the ST. Lucia Blog Procession was a fabulous virtual event. Thank-you again for hosting it and thanks to all of the other interesting blogs that we were able to visit. It made the day so special for me!!


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