Audrey Eclectic: A Year in Review

   And so another year is coming to a close. It’s a bit hard to believe, isn’t it? It doesn’t seem that long ago that I knitted that gray seed stitch scarf. But I love seeing the photos of my garden looking lush and green. And all the pumpkins of autumn. And the best of this beautiful Christmas season.

   There were lots of wonderful opportunities that came out of 2012— gallery shows (Shades of Brown, Raw) and magazine features (Somerset Life, The Anglican Digest) and some great craft shows (Indie Emporium and The Little Craft Show)

   I really felt, this year, that I grew a lot and found my niche. To be honest, there were a few times early on in 2012 when I wondered where I was going with all this. If this was truly my purpose, or if I was just kidding myself. Now, at the end of 2012, I feel like I finally know where I’m going. And I’m excited and hopeful about it!

  Thank you for your help in support of this little painting endeavor. Your comments, purchases, and friendship has made creating for Audrey Eclectic so satisfying and wonderful. I cant wait to get up in the morning and start painting. And I’m proud that my skills and ideas can help put food on my table, pay for dance lessons, or fund little trips for my family. I couldn’t do that without you all! So thank you so much, friends!

   I can’t wait to share 2013 with you.

  Let’s get started!~
On to 2013~~~

14 thoughts on “Audrey Eclectic: A Year in Review

  1. It has been an awesome year together here on your blog family! Thank-you for sharing so many interesting books, ideas, and artwork! It has made my life much richer too. I am happy that you have found a niche for your work and business! It is always hard to find our pathway and see that it is productive and moving us in a direction that feel right. I am glad that happened for you in 2012. Happy New Year and looking forward to more fun at AudreyEclectic in 2013!!


  2. I've so enjoyed getting to know you and your art this year Heather. My birthday was made sweeter receiving the tomtens painting from my husband as a gift and of course the whole family was thrilled on Christmas with the painting and prints of the girls you did. It's so special! I look forward to seeing (and I hope obtaining!) more of your work in 2013. Best wishes to you and your family!Patricia xx


  3. Thank you so much, Winnie! I'm so happy to have you along here as a friend and supporter of Audrey Eclectic! It's been a lot of fun! Cant wait to see how 2013 goes for both of us!


  4. Beautiful post 🙂 I love your hair in that photograph. I think that \”finding your niche\” thing is such a relatable feeling. I understand completely. Things have finally settled, haven't they? Peace now 🙂


  5. A very happy new year to you and yours! I have to tell you something sweet. My husband saw your work on Facebook (via me, I'm sure), and went to check out your Etsy store. He pointed you out yesterday and said, \”I LOVE her work!\” He'd seen the God Jul postcards I ordered, but he loves everything else, too! We will probably need to make another order soon…


  6. That's awesome! It always makes me feel good when the guys like my paintings– I know I tend to paint pretty girl-centered stuff 🙂 I look forward to sending more goodies your way!


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