Blues and Greens

    Last week was a bit quiet with blogging, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t busy! I’ve been working on lots of projects, and it’s always satisfying to get things finished and sent off to where they need to be. I’m also trying to take it a *little* easy and enjoy the slowness of January. It’s such a perfect time for reflection and taking inventory on myself and on my business. I’m hopeful about this year, in many new and different ways.
   I’ve also been indulging in some knitting which I’ve really enjoyed! This weekend I attended a baby shower for a girl I’ve known since we were 12 years old! And since I have a particular love for babies in gnome hats, I made this little pointy stocking hat out of some beautiful soft teal colored yarn and baby leg warmers to match. I also gave her a red gnome bonnet I made a few weeks ago. I love knitting for little ones who can’t roll their eyes and go “oh mom!” yet, haha!

    And on the painting front, I made this large “Scandinavian style” bride for an upcoming gallery show. I am happy to report that I will be hanging many of my original pieces at Shades of Brown Coffee and Art on Brookside in Tulsa, Okla. next month for all of February. I’ve done two previous gallery shows there and it’s always lots of fun. They also make amazing coffee and the whole place just has a great vibe to it. Maybe I’ll see you there?

  Have a good week, my friends!~


7 thoughts on “Blues and Greens

  1. There is something so relaxing and rewarding about knitting. I haven't been able to put my needles down since I caught the knit bug in November! Your Scandinavian style bride will be lovely in the Gallery! You bet I would stop by for some coffee if only I were a wee bit closer than FLorida!!


  2. Congrats on your show! I wish Tulsa were closer so I could drop in. I like what you said about the \”slowness of January.\” What a charming thought! Here's to enjoying it.


  3. Oh, that gnome hat & those warmers are absolutely adorable Heather! Nothing like a cute baby in a gnome hat. I love your Scandinavian bride, too. She's gorgeous. And wow – that OATH angel painting. It is so poignant and riveting. What a glorious way to contribute to that worthy cause. I agree wholeheartedly – every soul is precious. It's a wonderful way to share your art.


  4. BEAUTIFUL PAINTING! So much intricacy 🙂 I love the knitting as well! I unfortunately am too impatient to learn how to knit anything other than a straight scarf 😛


  5. Your bride painting is so beautiful! I love the wildness of it. I haven't had all too much time for knitting lately – but I did make one of those lacy ruffled scarves using the special type of yarn that really creates the \”fluffiness.\” It came out kind of cute – I wore it to the theater on Sunday!


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