Blog Party: Easter Parade!

    1. blossoms from the crab apple tree in my backyard 2. My terra cotta Virgin Mary who reigns over the rosemary in the herb bed 3. Motivated lettuce springing up in the garden among the hollyhocks 4. Palm frond crosses from Palm Sunday 5. Cocoa in one of my favorite mugs, it shows a peasant couple sharing bread and says “He is risen” in Russian. Behind this is a handmade Easter card from Martha.

   Hello and good morning, my friends!
       And welcome to the Easter Parade! I’m so happy you’ve stopped by for the celebration today (and invite you to take part if you wish!) Today we are reaching the end of Holy Week and the season of Lent, and Easter Sunday will come tomorrow!
    Since Easter falls in March this year, it seems early. But things are starting to bloom and green up and there is still that same feeling of renewal in the air. Spring always seems to take my by pleasant surprise, and I am always so excited about it. Blue skies, flowers, birds…and a general sense of starting over and rebirth– exactly what the Easter Season is about.

   In my garden the green fronds of an Easter Lily is starting to ruffle up out of the mulch. It seems to have really done some growing over the winter, this year’s Lily is looking to be huge! It makes me smile though because I brought that Lily home from Easter during our first year with our church, the same Easter that we were all baptized at the Easter vigil. When it’s blooms were spent, I cut it back and then planted it in the garden. So it is special to see that reminder, even years later, growing and blooming in the garden.

   And in celebration of the season, of faith, and wonderful things in general, I’ve got a bit of a treat for this stop in the Easter Parade! I’ve decided to give away a print from my painting “Preparing the Easter Basket” to one lucky winner who comments on this post. I’ll leave the giveaway open til next Saturday, April 6.

   And of course all are welcome to join the Easter Parade in spirit or in blog! Below should be a linky tool where you can upload your link and a thumbnail image where people can click on it and be taken right to your post. Or, if you’d rather, leave your link here on this blog and people can come visit you that way. This is a good opportunity to go a’visitin’ to other friends, old and new, across the world and see what they’re celebrating for this Easter.

   Thanks so much for stopping in! Let the parade continue!~


24 thoughts on “Blog Party: Easter Parade!

  1. Good Morning Heather and Happy Easter weekend to you and everyone else who visits today. Since I do not have a blog, I just wanted to mention a tradition that I grew up with. Every Saturday before Easter, we would color about 4 dozen eggs for a family egg hunt on Easter Sunday afternoon. One of our favorite egg dying traditions was making 3-4 eggs using onion skins. Here is what you do. Take the brown papery onion skins from spanish onions, rap them around a white egg, secure them with a piece of cheesecloth and kitchen twine, then boil them in water like you would a hard boiled egg for 10 minutes. Allow the eggs to remain in the hot water bath for about an hour to allow the onion skins to color the egg. Then take them out, unwrap, and you will be so amazed at the beautiful colorations and designs left by the onion skins. They are all different and amazing. Plus, with the yellow/brown colors, they make the best for hiding in the garden because they blend right in! I love your beautiful Easter card and mug. So lovely! Easter weekend always feels restorative no matter how you celebrate. I love seeing the signs of Spring turning the landscape into sea of heathered pastels and new greens . Today, I am enjoying the return of Spring temperatures to Florida and some Easter traditions of my own.Happy Easter and thank-you for creating this Easter Parade opportunity. I cannot wait to hear what others are doing to celebrate this weekend!


  2. Happy Easter, Heather! And thank you for sharing such beautiful photos, especially of your lovely garden! We're having beautiful weather here this weekend, but had 8 inches of snow a week ago. Even the crabapples won't bloom for another month! BUT I found tiny green strawberry leaves in the garden and the chives are tall enough to trim and sprinkle over deviled eggs tomorrow. 🙂 Love and light to you and your family~


  3. Hi Heather! I nearly forgot to post today! But it's up! I invite everyone to come visit! Your post was lovely, as always! 🙂 Today it is so very springlike here…just perfect for the Easter holiday! I've been busy baking and crafting. Our plans have changed for the holiday, as my mom is under the weather. But it will still be a wonderful day for our little immediate family. Thank you for hosting and for holding a wonderful giveaway (I have one, too). And Happy Easter to you and your family!!!!


  4. Hi! I'm a little envious of the majority of you who'll be celebrating Easter this weekend. In the Orthodox Church we're just two weeks into our Great Lent journey and don't celebrate Pascha until May 5th this year–our celebration can't overlap the Jewish Passover, so our Easter is celebrated the next Sunday that falls after the next full moon. Thanks for sharing the inspiring Spring photos and art! They are beautiful.


  5. Happy Hoppy Easter!!! Spring has sprung for the weekend at least in Montana. It is too delightful to stay inside . . . heading out to play. Hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday. Alice with WonderlandShoppe on Etsy and


  6. Happy Easter!!! I'm a new reader of your blog, but already love it.And your paintings… so much details and Love… Very beautiful!Also I should say that I'm very curious about your Easter mug. Maybe you know where can I get one of those?:) Thank you!


  7. Hi there! Glad you like the mug, i love it too! I bought it at a second hand shop, so I'm not sure what the origin of it is. On the bottom is has \”DISC\” embedded in the ceramic. That's all the maker marking I've found on it, but maybe that will help find more pieces?


  8. Happy Easter to you and your readers, Heather! (I won't be celebrating Orthodox Easter on May 5 this year!) I LOVE your painting, \”Preparing the Easter Basket\”. So quaint and folksy – and beautiful, as always. 🙂 This was a fun Blog Parade.


  9. Just back to have a proper visit to the others in the Easter parade as that is us just back home now! Lovely to be part of your parade and I would of course love a chance to win your beautiful print, Jo xx


  10. Happy Easter and hello from the UK, where chocolate eggs and bunnies rule at the moment :)Hope your having a great time with your family and enjoying the celebration.I did not sign up for the Easter parade earlier on but I hope this is not a big problem and I'd gladly love to join your Easter blog hop :)Love the instagram pics – they've got their own style and climate… especially the Virgin Mary statue – how nice to have such thing in the vicinity of the house. And oh! you have just reminded me that I have not made the crosses from the blessed palm leaves I brought from the church! I gonna quickly catch up with the folky decoration you made – the russian mug (I think I even commented on it and it was the 1st time I came across your blog:)), the folky napkin, the paintings. I'm glad the card arrived just in time for Easter :)I've posted some pics of my Easter basket on my blog, especially for you 🙂


  11. Hope you had a joyous and blessed Easter Heather! I wish I had gotten my act together to link into your party, but last week with crazy with my two fellas' birthdays. I love your photos here, and the story about your Easter Lily. What a wonderful gift to see each spring, a special beautiful reminder of your faith. Happy Easter week to you! Your artwork of the Easter basket is so touching. 🙂


  12. How wonderful art you are showing my dear friend! happy feelings looking in all that flowering started were you live. love make me feel so much spring. a print I would love ofcourse! wonderful picture ***Here noone is sick now, happy feelingswishing you love and joy *+*+***love Lycke


  13. I just ordered that beautiful print. ♥ That is how we prepare our basket…on Pascha (Christ's Resurrection, for Orthodox Christians, which is May 5th this year). Next year we all celebrate on April 20th, the SAME day…yeah!!! If I win this giveaway, I'll give the print to my mom. P.S. That is a neat mug. It is our tradition to get blessed eggs (dyed naturally with onion skins to a deep red) after the midnight service and crack the egg against a friend's egg!


  14. What beautiful photos that really capture the blessed season! Being Russian Orthodox, I especially like the last one as it really looks most like our \”Pascha\” :)Christ is Risen!


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