This & That…a bit of a ramble

1. My doll pattern with some ‘improvements’ done by my Miss Audrey 2. Franklin and Mr. Darcy display how even when you’re very different, you can still be friends 3. Reading this book and so far its really good and given me lots of food for thought 4. Speaking of food, I’m obsessed with Greek food at the moment.

  Hello from a wet and soggy prairie! It’s been raining and gray and cold here for two days, but you know I’m not complaining! We desperately need the rain. And gray rainy days are good for staying in and creating, and I’ve got several commissions in the words– including a doll– that need to be completed this month.
   I thought you all might like to see my doll pattern though (I make my patterns out of old paper grocery bags, repurpose! Reuse!) that Audrey got ahold of. She was very offended that the poor girl didn’t have a face. So she made her own!

   And of course around here there are always critters around cuddling, and I took this photo on Easter of Franklin and Mr. Darcy. This is one of the few moments when Franklin wasnt nuzzling and kissing the rabbit. Awww, buddies! See, you dont have to be alike or even similar to someone to be friends!

   And speaking of friendly differences, I picked up The Faith Club at the library the other day and have really been enjoying it. It discusses some really good interfaith issues, misconceptions, differences, and similarities between all three faiths. I’m a firm believer that if you’re going to have an intelligent conversation with someone about an issue, you better learn about it, on all sides. And this is a great way to get to know different faiths in an open and honest way.
   Another book I just finished was written by my sweet blogging friend Wendy’s father– Becoming Orthodox. Which i found really enlightening because I have several Orthodox friends and am really inspired by Orthodox icons and art. It was also a really good read because I saw how in many ways their faith  with mine. (And speaking of Wendy, have you visited her great children’s book blog? You gotta!)

  And while these books are great food for thought, I am also always eager for, well, food food. And I have been super obsessed lately with Greek food. I’m talking….we’ve been eating it nearly every day, and it’s so good and honestly so much more healthy than how we had been eating. What is it about Greek salad that makes you obsessed with having more Greek salad? I also made a hybrid gyro/Greek burger using ground turkey, feta, kalamata olives and basil to make a pretty amazing dinner the other night (inspired by this recipe).
  Also got THIS recipe book for some great recipe ideas. And while it may sound strange to say “I’m taking up an ethnic diet” instead of “I’m eating more vegetables” I guess to me it’s more fun and seems less like a chore. Hey, I’m being worldly! I’m totally trying new things! And there’s comfort in the option of baklava…am I right? 😉

  Well, back to art making! Hope you have a great day–

13 thoughts on “This & That…a bit of a ramble

  1. Yummy, Greek food is so good! We read The Faith Cub in our Sunday school class and I found it enlightening. It was a good way to learn more about Jewish and Muslim beliefs and traditions and it made me realize how little I know and understand about other ethnic cultures. Great news to hear that the prairie is getting some badly needed rain after such a drought last year. No doubt your flowers and trees are relishing the cool rains!


  2. Audrey's face is wonderful! Now you'll definitely have to save that pattern. 😉 I love your puppy and bunny together. I've looked at that book, but I've never read it. Wichita has some of the best Lebanese restaurants around, which is very similar to Greek. Baklava is sounding pretty good right now!


  3. Everything is really greening up quickly now! My Oregano and lemon basil are coming back to life (much to the bunnie's delight, they love eating their herb salad with breakfast!)I think that book is so good, it addresses stereotypes we might not even know we have, and explains things that might seem mysterious to outsiders in a really understandable way. And its also good to see how people who aren't of the Christian faith may see it from the outside, and how we can better explain ourselves and traditions.


  4. I know! She is becoming such a good artist. She's into drawing horses now…which I find so hard to draw!And there's a large Lebanese community around here too! Everyone in my town loves their tabouli. You can buy it in the deli at most grocery stores, we Okies are that committed to our Lebanese delights 🙂


  5. Aw, Audrey is going to be an artist just like her mommy!! Awesome! My son just got canvases and paints for his birthday. He had been asking about you (since you painted our portrait) and how you paint and what you use and I told him he should try out canvases and paint. He's always been more of sketcher. But he's so excited and wants me to ask you the steps to paint. So cute!All that food sounds so yummy! I had a really good friend who was Greek growing up and I loved eating at her house.I agree, it is always so good to be informed about other beliefs, because when we aren't it leads to prejudice and stereotypes.


  6. Heather, we had a lop-earred bunny like yours (except white) when my kids were little – he would sit on the couch with us too! How sweet that Franklin and Mr. Darcy are friends!Thank you for the kind words about my dad's book – I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it and learning about the Orthodox faith. One of my FAVORITE devotional writers happens to be Episcopalian – have you read anything by Elizabeth Elliott? Her story is amazing:, yes…Greek food. Ah, I miss it so during Lent! 😉


  7. What a great idea to draw patterns on recycled bags and Audrey's rendition is too cute. I'm not surprised you're doing doll commissions, too, Heather. You're so multi-talented! The Faith book looks interesting – it is a good idea to educate oneself to have knowledgeable discussions on faith. I'm taking my first ever Bible study course and have learned so much about Jewish traditions by reading in depth into the Old Testament. Oh and Greek food…..yum! Now you've got me craving a Greek salad. Where did I put my pita bread?


  8. I've now added this book to my wish list. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I've been trying to find things like this lately.And I will be contacting you (more) in the next couple weeks about a custom piece I'd love for you to do. More on that soon. :)Best Wishes, ♥Val


  9. Ooo yummy, I think I'll have to try that turkey burger recipe. My mouth is already watering.Franklin and Mr Darcy cuddles are too cute for words! 🙂


  10. Oh how I LOVE Greek Food! There is this one restaurant we go to where we both get our own Greek salad…loads of lettuce, black olives, fresh tomatoes, tangy feta cheese, and the restaurant's own special blended Greek dressing. YUM! What a cute pair Darcy and Franklin make. 🙂 Postcard perfect!


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