Book: Swedish Handknits

     I’d been waiting anxiously for this book to arrive– Swedish Handknits— for a few days. And when the UPS guy innocently dropped the box off on my front porch, I eager pounced and opened it up to get my mitts on this book– and oh, it did NOT disappoint! 
   Swedish Handknits by Sue Flanders and Janine Kosel is a fairly new book (published in 2012) and is a treasure trove of Swedish style knitting and other fiber projects (there are some other fun projects that include felt and other fabric things, so it’s not just knitting).
  Inspired by traditional Swedish knits and pieces collected by the American Swedish Institute, this book offers a variety of beautiful knitting projects for all different levels of knitting.

   Some of the different projects include an easy pattern for leggings, various gloves, ornaments, hats, bags and even Christmas stockings. I loooove the patterns for the Christmas stockings! I’ve yet to do a sock, let alone a large stocking, but I looove the look of these (and yes, my ardor does require extra Os).

   This books is much more than just a knitting book though– it is a rich collection of information on the tradition of Swedish fiber arts, historical photos, and even recipes. This is going to be a great book to cuddle up and just pore over, and then start the knitting projects. It was so worth the investment, and so inspiring to see all the tradition-inspired projects.

    The authors already have a book inspired by Norwegian knitting called, of course, Norwegian Handknits and I think I’m gonna have to have that too (I know our friend Winnie must get it!). I think me and these ladies could totally be friends. They had me at sharing their experiences of entering the American Swedish Institute as children and feeling all giddy and inspired. I know I’d feel the same. Guess this calls for a field trip to Minnesota! Hehehe….


PS: I found this blog entry about an exhibit at the American Swedish Institute featuring projects in the book and the original items that inspired them, take a peek and see some of the other things in the book!

16 thoughts on “Book: Swedish Handknits

  1. Heather , do you think they have one copy with my name on it already? From the photos and information you shared, this companion book sounds too fun! I like the idea of the books being historical as well. Knitting is gearing up for a transfusion of inspiration!! Keep us posted on what new projects look possible for you after the move and you have time to digest the possibilities!!


  2. Enjoy! The book looks like it has some really fun projects in it. Hope you do a Christmas stocking! I ADORE knitting socks. It is amazing to watch the construction come together. The first one I ever tried I probably could have fit three of my feet in it! But now I am quite used to creating them. 🙂 Have fun!


  3. Great book with fabulous patterns! I think I've also got this one, just in a digital form on my pc :)Now, this can mean only one thing – A LOT OF knitting on your blog :)I'm looking forward to seeing your first Scandi-knits.I should be following you – I've got these things in my plans too!


  4. Hi Heather, thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am so happy to find your blog as I have a great love of Nordic knitting and a great interest in Scandinavian traditions. The Swedish Knits book looks amazing; I love stranded knitting and can't wait to do more. By the way, the dala horse mittens pattern is available free on Ravelry; it's by Wenche Roald. x


  5. Hi Donna! Thanks for coming by to visit! 😀 I'm just starting stranded knitting and so far its lots of fun! I loooove all things Scandinavian and dala horses in particular, so those mittens you made are really up my alley! Thanks for sharing the pattern with me! I might have to try that one out!


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