Knitting for Sanity

   Today I’m going to mail off my last commission and then things are going to trickle down for a while in the art department as I somehow manage to pack up my house while also turning it into a complete disaster. How does that happen? How do you put things away and somehow create more of a mess?
   Does that happen to you, where the state of your mind starts to resemble the state of your surroundings? The more things start getting scattered around, the more scattered my brain feels. I’m looking forward to this part of the move being over.

   One thing that I’m not putting away or boxing up right now is my knitting, and it’s a bright spot as far as feeling crafty goes. Last night we watched Mad Men and Game of Thrones back-to-back (we need to throw in a show that’s less depressing, I think!) and when things get too intense or gruesome (particularly with Game of Thrones) I bury my head in my knitting. “I’ll just finish this row while these guys murder each other or Don has another stupid affair.”

  Right now I’m working on some free-form color stranding– there’s no rhyme or reason, I’m just playing with patters and seeing how they come out. I’m making this one for Audrey and I’m thinking of calling these ‘tomten hats.’ Eventually it will have a little pointed end! I’m also really enjoying working with double pointed needles, and I never imagined that would be the case. They feel easier to manage than circular needles, and for me, since the piece is broken up by needles, it’s easier to keep track of the round. And you dont waste time continually pulling the cord through as you work.

   Well, better get started with today and this week. Hope you have a good one and thanks for stopping by!~

7 thoughts on “Knitting for Sanity

  1. Your free style hat is turning out very cute! I just love the red and white patterns and knitting on 3 needles is pretty easy once you get used to it. However, I do love knitting in the round because you can concentrate easier on the pattern and it seems to go faster for me. I can so resonate with wanting the packing and moving part to be done. It does feel so unsettling when things are boxed up and you are trying to still function like normal. Maybe the good news is that it begs for more take out and microwave dinners . Sort of a free pass for the cook!


  2. Winnie, that's a thought! Hehe, we're also glad that we'll be moving more into town with more choices of places to eat, and quite a few even within walking distance!I'll be so glad when all this packing is done. I'm just glad we have a relaxed timeline to move, so we dont have to rush.


  3. Your knitting is lovely Heather! I recollect my Mum knitting on circular needles, with all sorts of straight ones going in here and out there. Sadly I did not inherit the \”knitting gene.\” Whilst I am able to cast-on, that is the end of my abilities…**sigh**Wishing you a splendid week…and thank you for popping by my spot for a wee visit!Warmly,Judy


  4. ha ha ha! can't wait to see 6 months or whenever it comes out of DVD. Did you ever read the books? oooh. grim.and LONG. I like the show better. I gave up on the books midway thru Book 4, I just hit the wall. Heresy, I know.


  5. I hope the move goes well…it's always nice to have a fresh start and I'm sure things will all be organized soon! ♥ What a pretty knit! And a lovely icon. P.S. Have you got a chance to ride your NEW cream bicycle? It's beautiful.


  6. I despise the moving process! I've done it so often and you'd think I'd grow used to it and develop a bit of a system for it, but nope, I just grow to hate it more and more! But of course it's worth it when you move into the home of your dreams!! I'm so excited for you!


  7. Your knitting looks great; I can't wait to see the end result. 'Tomten hat' sounds so cute. Red and white is always a striking combination.Good luck with the move. x


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