I have returned!~

   Hello there, my friends!~
        I’m back to the blogging world! I’m sitting here in my new art room looking out three windows at a pretty rambly little garden feeling really, really lucky.
      The epic disaster of boxes and furniture is slowly but surely getting organized….my art room is still mostly in boxes and I’m waiting for a table to be moved in, and oh– we adopted a kitty! Audrey made her Daddy promise that when we got a new house we could get a kitten because we had told her before that our house was too small for another animal to live with us.
    Well, that has been remedied and now we have “Queenie” (name has changed several times, it may change again, and I’m honestly not sure if this cat is really a female, because I’ve heard that before) who we got from the local animal shelter. Queenie was a white blued-eyed girl in a litter of black cats, so she must be rather special, don’t you think? I’m also hoping white cat hair will show less, haha!

   As you’ve probably heard in the news, the weather around here got scary the other day, but where I live we mostly just got some rain and thunder. It stormed our first night in this house, and I think today might actually be our first nice sunny day since we moved in. I can’t believe all the devastation that happened literally just down the turnpike from here. 
     I was in Moore last spring visiting a friend who lived there– but as luck would have it, she moved back here to our hometown not too long after. She worked at the medical center there that got so damaged. So happy that she was so fortunate, and so sad that others were not. And really proud of people like my uncle, who lives just a couple of blocks out of the storm’s path, for the exhaustive rescue work he helped with.

  As for this moment though, things are calm. I can hear Audrey crooning to her kitten, the skies outside are absolutely clear and cornflower blue. There are now eight Hydrangeas in my new yard, an embarrassment of riches. One (an Oakleaf Hydrangea and another my Mama found half-dead on a sale rack that I’m going to nurse back to health)
    True, the dishwasher did over flow this morning all over the kitchen and I managed to lock myself out of the house when I went out to feed the dogs, but its obvious to me these are small matters in the scheme of things. We’re so fortunate and I’m not gonna forget it.

    On the business end of things, I have reopened the etsy shop so that will all work as before now. I know I’ve been talking with a few of you about commissions to do ‘after the move’ and in the next few days I’m hoping to get this art space organized enough that I can start on that, so feel free to get in touch! You know me, I need funds to buy new flowers 😉

    Thank you for your visit today— 

12 thoughts on “I have returned!~

  1. Hello Heather! It's so good to see you are safe. I was praying for you and everyone in your neck of the woods. Gosh, what a tragedy. It certainly does give us perspective and take stock of how we are blessed. You're enjoying the wonderful little moments in your new home and shrugging off the inevitable challenges. You've got the right frame of mind. :)Enjoy your new home and that beautiful kitty!


  2. Heather, it is so good to hear that you are getting settled in your new home and finding out how to get into a new routine. That new kitten is adorable ! Love those colors she has. The view from your new art room is lovely with the red roses. That is indeed an inspiration all it's own! Your new flowers will be so perfect for the summer months ahead . What fun you will have designing new flower beds and special areas in you new yard. New homes are truly inspirational because they offer a new way to live life and make memories. Thanks for the update and looking forward to your posts! I must admit , it has been quite lonely without you! Take care and enjoy those cornflower blue skies and warm days!!


  3. Great hope. You all will surely be enjoying your new place very soon, once everything is settled, arranged and reorganized.the kitty is supa cute, Queenie is a great name. dont change it please! :)white fur is also easier to search for fleas! 🙂 and i do mean it, our cat is 90% white and it does make a difference when you check your pet for the little friends 🙂


  4. What a cute kitten! I've been thinking about getting one since my two older cats had to be put to sleep over the last few years. Then our dog had to be put to sleep and now we are down to just one dark grey cat. I've had cats all my life and I'll say that white hair shows up a LOT if you wear black or other dark colors. Just FYI. 😉 Your white kitty looks like it has a brown nose and tail – I feel I should warn you it looks like she has some siamese in her – the color may spread a bit and darken as she gets older. Or she looks fluffy a bit so maybe Himalayan (same coloring as siamese, but fluffy). A lovely cat – she'll only get prettier with age! My family had plenty of siamese over the years and we usually named them Japanese – Mimi, Kabuki, Sumiko, etc.


  5. Such a pretty home! It sounds like you're settling in nicely…your kitten is making me want another one. So cute. Our kitten is now a year and a half old, officially a cat, I guess. I cut a bunch of peonies off my bush today. I had to shake ants off the buds and then discovered quite a few ants crawling on the table. Oh well. ♥ Thank God all is okay, and may He help all those who were hurt to mend quickly.


  6. Welcome home! And what a sweet little addition to your family. Queenie is adorable. I am happy that you and your family are safe. I was so saddened and shocked by the total devastation to Moore. I actually mapped the town out to see how far you lived and wasn't quite sure where you had moved to! Best of luck to you in your new home!


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