A Folksy Frame

      I’m so excited to share with you a new finished project! This was a special gift for some friends. This Sunday was our curate’s last day with our church (a curate is a recent seminary grad and ordained priest who spends two years within a church learning the ropes before they go off to their own parish or project) and I wanted to make something special for him and his family.
     It doesn’t seem like two years have already passed (didn’t I just photograph his ordination?) but it has, and I wanted to give them something to remember their time at our particular church but not something that would be bittersweet. I decided on this painted frame that would showcase a family photo and also celebrate their faith– so I painted this little country church among some folk art flowers. 
   I painted the church doors red because that’s a traditional color for Episcopal church doors, although I’ve heard different meanings for this. But it’s beautiful, all the same.

  Making this frame was something new for me and I enjoyed it! I think it might be fun to do some autumn or Christmas themed frames too, what do you think? These frames are nice too because they can either hang or sit upright on a table. 

   Well, it’s going to be another hot day here, but I’m thinking perhaps a walk is in order before it gets too oppressive. Last night the dogs and I went for a twilight stroll and it was really nice— there were still some people out and about, playing catch in the street or riding bikes, and downtown was quiet in the glow of the street lamps. 
   I am really enjoying living in town, although I’d call myself more of a country girl than a city girl. But small time life suits me well, i think. It’s still relatively quiet, aside from the whistle of a train ever so often. Neighborhood cats roam the street (one, who we call ‘Fancy Cat’ because he seems so regal, has taken to sitting underneath our bird feeder, paws folded neatly under his chest, waiting for a meal. But the birds are too smart to come scampering when he’s visiting) people walk by on their way to down town, kids ride their bikes in the church parking lots, and summer seems slow and almost enjoyable, if it wasn’t so darn hot.

   Ah well, sweltering days make for good painting. I’ll be inside enjoying the air conditioning, listening to snoring dogs, and dreaming of autumn as I paint pumpkins and witches.

   Wishing you well today!~

7 thoughts on “A Folksy Frame

  1. I love this idea of a picture frame ! This was such a lovely gift to your curate. It is also another fun idea to use or purchase as a gift . What a wonderful and unique wedding or baby gift ! Of course Halloween or Christmas frames would be great seasonal ways to capture a special photo moment. I agree with you that living in this small town is just about perfect. You can access so much on foot or by bicycle to make living there so easy and comfortable. I saw that house on your Instagram that is for sale. It is adorable and yes it would be fun to be your neighbor!!!


  2. What a great gift! Love this idea. I used to make such frames glass painting on clipframes 🙂 My kind of thing. Love the folky feel and the blue background is striking :)Your new blog banner is gorgeous – it embraces everything we crafty women love 🙂 Good choice.


  3. What a lovely gift! I am sure it will be well loved. I think it's a fabulous idea to create a new holiday-themed ones for your shop or art shows – bet they'll get snapped up in no time at all! Glad you are enjoying your new home and location. 🙂


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