A Summer/Autumn Mix

    If only the seasons changed on my whims. Ah, wouldn’t that be nice? Summer would last for two weeks and autumn for 6 months. Then maybe a month for jolly Christmas activities, and then straight on to a long and lush spring. If only it worked that way, right? Or maybe you’re glad I’m not in charge of the weather?

   Around here it is a definite mix of summer and autumn. Summer is still blazing outside– in fact we’re supposed to be getting warmer each day for a couple of weeks until we’re edging back up to 100 degrees again. But I’m not surprised— isn’t it always like that? Hot as hot when you’ve got new fall school clothes to wear (or in my case, adorable maternity sweaters  in the closet with the tags still on).

   I do love my yard in the mornings when it’s not too hot. The back garden is a bit of a jungle because I just don’t have the endurance in the heat to really hack at it. But there are some beautiful zenias bursting forth out of the bramble, and some giant sunflowers living up to their names. It’s the end of August in bloom, and I will enjoy it for the flower’s sake.

  Of course from my art room, where I look out on this garden, it’s all about autumn. I’m preparing some new painted works to present for the Autumn Gathering, as well as some witch dolls that I’ve been scheming about for ages and am now finally getting some work done on.

   Audrey told me “please make them wicked!” but I dont know…they may at least have sweet faces to go with their wild and rowdy hair! I bought some beautiful wool at the fiber festive last month, and still have a great stash from my friend Jane at Angora Jane’s

  I’ve got hopes for long stretches of creating in the coming week, and get a few step closer to the Autumn Gathering fall art debut in the shop. It’s so fun to feel like I’m making all these things for good friends. I appreciate you coming here often and cheering me on with all this! You make this painting thing so fun. As a shy person and a person who (fairly happily, usually) works alone for most of the day, it’s nice to be able to reach out to others, no matter where they are in the world, and find common ground.

   Well, wishing you a nice weekend, I’m off to start the base painting for little witchy faces! Cant wait to show them off when they’re more complete!~

11 thoughts on “A Summer/Autumn Mix

  1. Those witchy dolls are going to be adorable! I love their pointy feet. Happy Sunday morning from the western coast of Norway below Havstad still above the Arctic Circle! We are now among the narrower fjord passages and the seas are calm! We even have some sunshine today so the landscape is clearly visible . Last night at midnight when the shipped stopped at Tromso to deliver goods, we had a midnight tour of this lively university town . Students out everywhere with friends , music spilling out of clubs onto the street, cool night air made this tour so perfect. We are currently entering this very narrow fjord with just enough room to squeeze through. Lots of little red houses dot the shoreline along with seagulls everywhere. I love that you have some uninterrupted studio time carved out despite the persistent summer heat blazing on into late August . I am with your idea of seasons length as well. It would be fine with me to have 6 months of fall!! That would give us enough time to make all of those apple and pumpkin recipes we have in our stash!!


  2. I cannot wait to see your witch dolls! I think sweet faces would be most lovely – especially if the rest of them look \”wicked\”. 🙂 Your new painting is looking good. I've been so busy as of late that I have not had time to finish my little witch girl painting. Hoping once I get back into a regular routine that that will change. 🙂 I really love the warm yet bold colors of late summer…it speaks of the promise of the season yet to come!


  3. You and me, we're kindred Miss Heather. I'm a bit torn as it is technically still summer, but way up in Northern Ontario the leaves are starting to turn and fall off. By the time Halloween rolls around the trees are bare and we've already had a couple of dustings of snow most years. Your new piece looks lovely, can't wait to see how it turns out!


  4. Love having a peek in your art studio 🙂 all those interesting bits and bobs standing on the craft table, mess and all – it comforts me – I'm not the only one to be an untidy crafter :)Autumn is lovely, I, born in late November, cherish this time of year. It makes me ponder on my life more as the days are coming slowly onto winter and Christmas. Nothing like a walk outdoor on a sunny autumn way.Back to school for me soon! – brrr… I shall miss all my long days of craft I've had for weeks. But looking forward to autumn festivals and Christmas festivities too!


  5. I feel the same way! Everything feels like a mix of autumn and summer to me. And as much as I'm anxious for fall to arrive, I can't help but love this time of year. All the anticipation, and summer lingerings, and heightened awareness of the landscape beginning to change. It really feels wonderful ♥


  6. Hi Heather- we dropped below the Arctic Circle today in cold, rainy, foggy weather. It feels like a fall day with the cold damp rain blowing. There are lots of mums out here in flower shops and I just went into a yarn store that had a bin of fall colored wools=D!!! Things are very very expensive here so I am saving my money for Oslo where there will be lots of stores . At least if I spend money I will have a selection to choose from!! Love your new painting progress from the Instagram! The setting does give that crisp late afternoon feel after carving the pumpkin!!


  7. welcome back to below the arctic circle! 😀 sounds like an amazing trip so far, how much fish have you eaten? Hope you get some good recipe ideas!Sounds like you'll be doign some good shopping soon. Everywhere you look— scandinavian stuff!!! Glad you're doing well and having a great time!


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