An Autumn Gathering– Shop Update and Blog Party!

  Hello and good morning my friends! It is now my favorite time of year– Autumn! So glad its here…and so glad you’re visiting today because I have tons of autumny treats for you! From art dolls and paintings to postcards and prints, the etsy shop is now bursting at the seams with artsy Audrey Eclectic treasures to make your autumn even more lovely! Here are some of the goodies I have in store for you— Welcome to An Autumn Gathering!!!

  And to spread the autumn spirit, I am also hosting a blog party, and you’re welcome to take part! If you’ve got an autumn inspired blog post you’d like to share— specifically made for today or not, no worries– please share the link and perhaps a pic in the widget below! Just fill out the info and you’ll be instantly part of the party!~!

  As for me, I’m just so happy to have you here and hope you’ll take some time to look at all the new pieces in the shop!

  This time of year is so special to me and almost magical, there is something in the air in autumn that just makes my heart sing. My birthday and our anniversary falls in autumn, and I cant wait to embark on the “autumn trip of my dreams” thanks to the generosity of a New England friend and the patience of a wonderful husband and helpful family. Thanks to all who are making it possible for me— and I cant wait to show you all the things I find there!

  And now my friends, I will leave you to shop and think of autumny things— what is your favorite part of the season? Is there a reason it is so special to you? I’ve found that in my life if I meet people who are just plain autumn people, we have so much in common. Its like finding an instant friend!~

  Wishing you warm cider on chilly days, spooky pumpkins and benevolent ghosties!~


11 thoughts on “An Autumn Gathering– Shop Update and Blog Party!

  1. Yay!! I just went shopping and can't wait to get my fall and spooky prints and cards! I am working on a way to share some fall things I am doing so I hope to be back with a link to share in the blog party. In the meantime, ,we had morning temps of 68 degrees! Now I know that doesn't sound like much but for us way down here it was enough of a change to make this cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee taste so great with the window open!. Thanks for such a fun event and let the fall decorating go full steam ahead!!!


  2. I just posted two links where I shared the excitement with another online forum that I participate in. There is the photo of the Apple Pickers painting from last year and a link to this party for others to join in! Since I do not have a blog, I wanted to share how I have been getting into the excitement of fall with readers of this blog. I hope you enjoy the photos!Winnie


  3. I agree with you that when I meet people who love autumn as much as I do those people usually end up being my favorite kind of people! I love everything in this post! I need to look at your etsy shop. You will have so much fun visiting Alyson! Her house is beautiful, her village charming and she is like the long lost best friend you always wanted…the one who would stay up all night talking or watching scary movies with. Isn't she awesome? Her kids are awesome too!


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