Summer is Fading

   I think we’re finally on the down hill slope from Summer, at least according to the garden. The only thing really flourishing now is the mums, despite the heat, and it’s time for harvesting sunflowers and the last of those tomatoes that got so gangly and huge.

  Each morning I go out with the dogs and get my yard chores done before it gets too hot– which is usually by 10 a.m.! The kitty is sleeping off his night time adventures in the flower urn and the birds are anxious for the feeder to be fed. 

  This morning as I lugged the water hose around I noticed yellow leaves slowly twirling down from the old walnut tree in the back. Fall is slowly creeping in, and I can’t wait for that first chilly morning when you can just sense “it’s autumn now” in the air.

  This is also my favorite time of year to paint, as autumn and winter are my favorite seasons. And they’re just made for cuddling up, aren’t they? And now that I have a little built in heater (baby boy!) this will be an extra cozy autumn.

   I’m also realizing that the New England trip is getting closer and closer day by day and it hardly seems real.

Good this are just around the bend!~
Til next time….

10 thoughts on “Summer is Fading

  1. Love the photos, especially the dried sunflowers. Yes, indeed, your trip is coming up quickly. Here is hoping there will be some great fall weather up in New England when you are there. Imagine, rambling along in Salem with a 60 degree day~!


  2. Ah, Fall – I won't miss the heat, but I will miss my flowers and tomatoes two months from now. I have a new kitten, too, I just wanted to share – I'd been meaning to get one for awhile now since my two older cats and dog died so I finally went to the shelter and adopted a funny little fellow. Check out my blog for pics! 😉 Nicki58Cherries


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