One morning during my trip my brother called me and asked, “what are you doing?”
“Oh, I’m sitting beside a covered bridge and a river in Vermont, what are you doing,” I answered.

   It was funny to me, because when does anyone ever get to say that? But one day, I did!

   When we first crossed the New Hampshire state line into Vermont, it was already dark. We pulled up to our bed and breakfast (which was so adorable it will get its own post!) and had no idea what lay around us— all we knew that it was probably charming and picturesque!

And boy was it! Vermont is beautiful country, especially in the autumn when the leaves are changing and the rolling hills all around are bright with brilliant hues. Of course Vermont is the land of Tasha Tudor, and I was so thrilled to get to visit the Tasha Tudor Museum (which I will talk more about!). We also visited Woodstock, VT. and Quechee, VT.

It was in Vermont too when I first tried poutine, evidently a special dish out of Canada! It consisted of french fried covered in brown gravy with cheese curds dolloped on. Whodathought, huh? I may have taken a couple of sips of Pumpkin Cider as well as we sat outside taking in the gorgeous landscape at Harpoon Brewery (I also had an excellent “Vermonter” sandwich there, complete with green apples on it! I loved eating my way through New England!)

In honor of bringing back Tasha Tuesday– I thought tomorrow I would take you on a little tour with me and some friends to the museum! I was so excited to be able to visit— and you know I went a little crazy shopping. But who could resist a corgi cookie cutter? And I’ve given you a little sneak peek— that beautifuly orange maple pictured just above? Its right outside the museum! I know Tasha would have loved its brilliant color….

Til tomorrow!~

6 thoughts on “Vermont

  1. These photos are so picture perfect of what we think of Vermont in the Fall. Inspiring@! I saw a tiny bit of Vermont one summer 20 years ago and aching to return in the fall. I can't wait to see more of your visit and enjoy the Tasha Museum tomorrow. By the way, that recipe on instagram for caramel apple cider looks to die for! So perfect for a crisp fall evening. Whooo!!


  2. Oh my goodness you had poutine!? That is so funny!!!! It is my absolute favourite food and I eat it at least once a week (contributing to my junk food belly). It is so odd to think other people outside of Canada live with out it!


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