Good Intentions for Easter

       This Holy Week could be called ‘the week of good intentions’ although some intentions came to pass a little better than others. I did try to blow out Easter eggs for pysanky….I found out that: I have NO TALENT at doing this! I got an awl, used tape to steady the shell, but still….tap tap tap, I’d crack the shell on each side. I kept thinking that practice would make perfect, but well….we did end up with good scrambled eggs! So all wasn’t lost!
    Then I got it into my head that we would dye eggs with natural dye— I decided to use red cabbage to make blue eggs and instant coffee to make red eggs. Before we colored the eggs, we drew and wrote on them with Crayon because it was supposed to leave images after the eggs were done…which worked out ok, but not spectacular.
     And….after letting the eggs steep in the natural dye over night, we ended up with pretty blue eggs and…brown eggs. Brown like, you know…brown eggs that you can just buy brown. Ha! But ah well, we’ll know better next Easter, wont we? They still turned out pretty though I think!

    And Easter project that we took on that at least went smoothly was our Easter nest on the dinning room table. I used a wooden bowl I have for decoration as the base, put a grape vine wreath on top, and cut up a sprig of silk forsythia and lined it with spanish mosh and— voila! An adorable spring wreath! We put our dyed eggs and a sweet little papier-mache egg that used to be my husband’s when he was little inside. I think it would be cute too add little craft feathers in the mix as well, and perhaps flower petals. Ideas for next year!
   Anyhow, I do hope that you have a Blessed Easter Weekend. It doesn’t matter how many project work out right, its the intention after all.
   Until next time, wishing you well!~

4 thoughts on “Good Intentions for Easter

  1. ha ha ha! it all looks darling!!! one year i tried dyeing brown eggs in colors — that did not turn out well……and one time I tried this 'natural' egg dye kit…..i think only Martha Stewart can make those things turn out super amazing! i've since gone back to Paas kits…..:)Have a lovely holiday!!!!! XOXO


  2. The time spent with family while undertaking these projects – and the little one being patient enough for you to even attempt them – those are blessings in themselves! I send along wishes for a blessed Easter to you and your family!


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