This week in my kitchen

    Hello my friends, on this gray and wet morning here in Oklahoma! I thought I would take part in the fun blog hop going on at Beauty That Moves. It’s the “this week in my kitchen” blog hop, and so I will share a bit from my kitchen— check Heather’s page to see what others are doing in theirs!

   In my kitchen I finally got myself together enough (and the baby napped enough!) to make some banana bread. I was in the mood to make it a little fancier though, so when I mashed up the banana (just using THIS recipe found online) I diced up some peaches and mashed them in with them. 

   Ohhh goodness, it is so good! The bread came out very moist too, which I love. Cut of the end (I love corners and crusts! Anyone else out there love a good bread heel?) and put on some butter and made some vanilla chai. Perfection for a rainy day.

   Another thing I love about the kitchen is the good view of the bird feeder, and I can keep track of the goings-on outside under the cedar tree. This past winter I potted some little succulents to put on my window sill to enjoy when it was still cold and brown outside. After Audrey’s birthday party with the pony cake, I put the cake bunting in one of the flower pots— so festive, don’t you think? 🙂

  As for art around here, I’m working on a large commission and also thinking about Christmas art. I hope to have a great selection put together for you all once the holidays roll around! One painting at a time, though…one painting at a time!~

   Have a wonderful day!~ And thanks for stopping in my kitchen!

8 thoughts on “This week in my kitchen

  1. That banana bread looks so good! I sometimes add chocolate chips to mine, but I will definitely try the peaches next time. And the heel/crust/corner of any bread, cake or brownie is the best! I would definitely arm wrestle anyone for the heel of a loaf of bread. 😉


  2. What a good idea to put peaches in it! I have some laying around and I have bananas… guess what I'll be making tomorrow…


  3. I love how you recycled the cake bunting! So very cute….and my oh my that banana bread looks amazing. Think I just might have to give a go at some such similar baking. I'm off to print the recipe and have my fingers crossed I'll find some peaches or chocolate chips handy!


  4. Am I too late for a piece of that amazing bread? hehe, if I lived close by, I would definitely show up for a mid-morning chai and slice! Thanks too for the link to the other blog hop as it is always fun to read what people are doing that is creative and yummy!!Looking forward to what you are planning for the Christmas season this year too!


  5. i just happen to have some black bananas in the freezer waiting for a good banana loaf recipe. I love the addition of the extra fruit. I'll try and have a go and let you know how I get on.Thanks for sharing it.debx


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