A Cozy All Hallows

  One thing I love about the Traditional Church Calendar is that there are so many occasions to make merry. While for some, festivities began and ended with Halloween on Friday, for others it was just the beginning— All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween), All Hallow’s Day (All Saints Day) on Saturday and All Souls Day on Sunday. It’s a time of remembering, of celebrating family and friends, and getting ready for the approaching season of winter and Advent.

   Just in time to help celebrate, the weather turned more fall-like with a chilly and blustery edge. We took advantage of Saturday to really work hard to make our yard ready for the coming season of sleep; I planted an Autumn Blaze Maple that I just may be a little bit in love with, and also hacked away at a monstrous Forsythia that was so hulking and brambly that it didn’t bloom anymore. 

  Of course there was also some important art business to take care of— ordering the Christmas post cards! And I am happy to announce that they have all been ordered and in a couple of weeks I should have them all back— and will mail out the preorders and also put some smaller card packs in my etsy shop. In the meantime, I will add some of last year’s cards to the shop and also add a couple of original paintings I’ve got ready for holiday sales.

  I also need to dust off the old sewing machine and get to making some ornaments! It’s so amazing that I plan all year for the holiday season, and when it comes back around I feel like “Already!?!”

   Well, back to work for me! And back to baby…..its a gray breezy day, a good day to cuddle in and work away inside!~
   Thanks for visiting me today!

4 thoughts on “A Cozy All Hallows

  1. I love how November is ushered in with All Saints Day and All Soul's Day. It helps to set the tone of remembrance and home which blend in so well with family and Thanksgiving celebration. For me, I don't want to rush one single moment of November. Instead, I want to linger over deep rich colors of the landscape, harvest celebrations, and changes of daylight and cooler weather. I want to enjoy every moment of this quiet month before the fast pace of December arrives.


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