Giveaway: Print of St. Brigid

   The last day of January finds itself cold, gray and raining all day. I had big plans to work on some home improvement projects, but there just didnt end up being enough time to get it done. So instead, I’m snug inside and bringing you a treat!

   The Feast of St. Brigid comes tomorrow, February 1! Since I just completed my Brigid painting and got in some prints, i thought it would be fun to give one of them away! So— if you’d like your own St. Brigid, you’re in luck!

   Entering to win the 8×10″ print (unframed, but it will come nicely packaged!) is easy— just leave a comment on this post with a means to contact you. Tell me why you’d like Brigid— or suggest another saint for me to paint! I feel a series coming on!

   And if you share this giveaway on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. be sure to let me know, and you can enter your name again! Sound good?

   Sending you many blessings for The Feast of Saint Brigid!~

63 thoughts on “Giveaway: Print of St. Brigid

  1. So beautiful! I'm a fan of all your pieces and was excited to see this latest one. I've been to Ireland 5 times as it is one of my favorite places on earth and St. Brigid has been one of my faves for years even before I was Catholic.


  2. This is lovely! My mom has a cat named Bridget O'Flynn, and she would love this print! I would like to see St. Scholastica, since I was born on her feast day, and my Confirmation saint, St. Therese. You can reach me at if I should be lucky enough to win! 🙂


  3. She is gorgeous!! I see about 10 paintings I'd love to buy in your shop. Wonderful work! It would be great to see your take on St John, St Valentine, St Patrick, St Michael, and St Martin. I know a lot of mamas in the Waldorf homeschooling community that would be very interested. Such beautiful work!!


  4. I'm sure this has already come and gone, but I just discovered your beautiful artwork today for the first time. My daughter's patron saint is St Brigid, and she is a budding artist herself (age 12). She would spend all day drawing and painting if she could! I can't wait to show her your artwork when she wakes up tomorrow.


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