Little Spring

   Do you feel it? Spring is coming! Our first sign is always Audrey’s birthday. We always say, “Audrey’s birthday brings the daffodils.” And its always about now that they start popping up, the first sign that the long brown bareness of an Oklahoma winter is about to come to an end.
   For her birthday, we went to a local tea room and had a fancy little girl tea party. Each girl got her own tea service of a tea cup and small tea pot filled with her favorite drink (there may have been a tea pot filled with Dr. Pepper) and a decadent desert. I chose the chocolate eclair cake and was not disappointed! I am usually a very motivated dessert eater, and even I couldn’t finish it! So, so good. The Burnett Mansion is a beautiful historic home downtown and everything I’ve had to eat there has been amazing. Plus, when we were there they had live piano music and Audrey got serenaded with her own “happy birthday” song! I think these little girls had a grand ol’ time!

   This time of year I always start thinking about gardening too, and we’ve already been to the plant nurseries a couple of times, but I’m proud to say I HAVE restrained myself for the most part. I did bring home a beautiful hellibore— a Lenten Rose– and put it in our garden. These unfortunately named flowers (shown above) are so beautiful and they bloom when everything else is still in a deep winter sleep. They come in an amazing variety of colors too— I have one with black blooms, although it hasnt bloomed this year….might need to move it….my husband’s grandmother has a beautiful Japanese shade garden full of these beautiful perennials and she was the one who first introduced me to them.

   I’ve also started thinking about all the spring projects I want to do (aside from gardening, of course!) and sprucing up my wardrobe and creating special little accessories has my brain working over time. Yesterday I finally decided to find some beads to make a necklace especially for the coptic cross pendant I got around Christmas last year. I got some wooden beads and a small strand of blue and white ceramic beads and created this new piece for myself— i really like it! Blue and white is my absolute favorite color combination, and I love the simple naturalness of the wooden beads with them. They stand back and let the cross take center stage. Now I want to make more! (of course!)

   Well, off to start the day. We got up much, much too early. I think an early nap is also calling our name….
talk soon!~

5 thoughts on “Little Spring

  1. Heather, your tea party for Audrey's birthday sounded so fun and special! What a great idea for a party and the eclair looked to die for! I also love your new beaded necklace and coptic cross. So beautiful and decorative too. Glad to hear that Spring is making it's way to the prairie finally. I know everyone is ready for flowers and green grass again!!


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