Tasha Tuesday: Blossom Season

 I don’t know about you, but I am so glad to see the world greening up and blooming. I can’t help but think of artist and avid gardener Tasha Tudor when I’m getting inspired to plant or when I see my flowers waking up and budding out.
   This is the time of year that was meant to be painted. It’s delicate but sumptuous. It’s bright but not overwhelming. It’s a time packed full of new beginnings— from wedding season to new babies appearing in the fields around us. Spring is a good time to start hatching new plans.

   You know, of course, that I am very fond of plan-hatching! Ha!

  And I can’t help but be inspired to paint flowers as the flowers burst open around me. Some of my spring favorites are roses, hydrangea, foxglove, blue salvia and honestly— any bright and bloomy thing. I just can’t resist it. I think Tasha Tudor would have agreed!

What are some of your favorite spring blooming flowers? Are there any that just speak to you— any that you remember fondly from a granny’s garden, or a plant that tells you that nice weather is coming by its appearance?

   I think New England is in its early blooming season, but it seems to be green from what I’ve seen from my instagram and blogging friends! I am so happy for you, because I know its been a long cold winter! And I’m happy that in a little over a month, I’ll be there to enjoy the beauty of that place too!~

   Aside from flowers, do you have any go-to books that you love to read or reread during the spring? I always think of The Secret Garden when I think of spring. It also seems like a good time to watch Larkrise to Candleford (but when is it ever NOT a good time to watch it? lol!)

   Anyhow…thank you for coming by today! Hope you’re having a beautiful and blossom-filled spring! I’m so glad you stopped by!~

3 thoughts on “Tasha Tuesday: Blossom Season

  1. I think Tasha Tudor was one of the people who helped me learn about the little secrets of Spring and other seasons, for that matter. For me, Spring needs crocus, tulips, daffodils and yellow forsythia. They were the flowers of my yard growing up. My mom had even transferred mini grape hyacinths from my Grandma's house in Indiana when they had to come live with us due to health reasons. When mom and dad moved to a retirement condo, the grape hyacinths and bulb flowers went too and right along the sidewalk. And Lark Rise to Candleford?? Does it count that I am re-watching the series for a second time?? LOL! It's ALWAYS a good time to watch those shows!


  2. Hi Heather and yes it is greening up here nicely as well! I was on an 18 month sabbatical from blogging because of personal issues and hopefully I have my life back on track now and how lovely was it that I picked Tasha Tuesday? She was such a strong woman who knew just what she wanted and followed through on all her plans without letting anyone deter her! That is what I am now trying to do! My favorite flowers in the Spring??? Well Peonies come to mind and my beloved Irises, then later on I adore the zinnias happy colorful little faces, pansies, hollyhocks etc. I love the old fashioned gals and although I do not have all of them in my little garden here, I have a huge dream for a future garden like the one Tasha enjoyed!I hope all has been well with you and I look forward to seeing your posts once again, take care…..Tina xoxo


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