Share Your Sacred Space, Win A Print!~

   I’m having a fun little event on Instagram right now! I am asking friends to share their sacred spaces with me– be they a corner of icons, a beautiful space in the forest, a church chapel, or a garden, and featuring them on my instagram feed! 
   ONE participant will be chosen from the entries to win a free print of their choice from my shop! You are welcome to join in! Just share your photo with the hashtag #aesacredspace or tag me– @audreyeclectic81

  Don’t have an Instagram? No problem! You can send me your photo via email! This works if you do have an instagram, but its set to private. 

  This will be a great way to inspire each other to create little sacred spaces in our every day surroundings, we’ve had some beautiful entries so far! But even the humblest of corners is lovely when it’s sacred.

   I’d love to have you join in! Winner will be chosen Monday. Be sure to check the Audrey Eclectic feed to see all the entries! You can do that via instagram or on my side widget in the left menu bar of this blog.

   Thanks for sharing!~

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