House Portrait: A Little Red Cape

  Usually when I’m asked to paint a portrait— its of people! For this project, however, I had the pleasure of creating a portrait of a house for my friend Erin. Erin is a lover of history and all things ‘old timey’ and has just revamped her blog as Bygone Living.
   The house that Erin chose for her banner is a real home, situated in Setauket, NY. You can read more about the house and see its gorgeous interior here on her blog.

   It’s Erin’s dream to one day live in an antique home like this— and one I can understand! Of course there are no homes of this age in Oklahoma, but I do love these old New England homes so much! Yesterday I stopped by Blue Heron Antiques in Jenks, Ok. to visit my lovely friends there. They have been busy traveling all over the US to collect beautiful Early American furniture and accents to put in their shop— and I’ll be honest— wandering among that old furniture made me a strange kind of homesick.

  It will come as no surprise, I’m sure, that we’re already talking about ‘next time’ we go to New England, and were hatching plans before we even got back to Oklahoma! It’s a place that captures the heart and imagination, for certain!~

  And if you’re a lover of old-time New England and history, Erin’s blog will be a great read for you as well!~


7 thoughts on “House Portrait: A Little Red Cape

  1. No wonder Erin loves this little red Cape! The interior is fabulous and so well preserved and full of great antiques. Your painting is just perfect for her and I love how she used it for her blog banner. Count me in among the people who love New England and jump at the first chance to go there and explore!!


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