Book Review: "When God Made You"

    We recently got our hands on a ‘hot off the press’ copy of “When God Made You” by Jane G. Meyer and illustrated by Megan Elizabeth Gilbert. What a sweet little book!
   The premise of the books is the beautiful things God was thinking of when he was creating each and every person.
   The book explores the things used to make an array of children across the globe– cheeriness, fireworks and pink fizzy candy trapped inside a purse to make Brigid, a golden chalice full of deep thoughts to make Hikaru, black silken hair from a desert horse’s mane wound around a silver flute for Alia, and so on. 
   And as God breathes breath into each person, he commands what he wants them to do with their life– “Dance!” “Speak!” “Sing!”

   Meyer’s beautiful text and description of the things that go into making each child are so inventive, lovely and poignant. The reader cant help but ponder, “what wonderful things were used to make me?”

   The text is set off nicely by the winsome and colorful illustrations of Megan Elizabeth Gilbert, which use mixed media elements and bright colors to add to the description of each child.

   The book is published by Ancient Faith Publishing, an Orthodox Christian publishing house, yet is written and illustrated in a way that lends itself beautifully to many faith backgrounds.

   It is also captivating for a variety of ages— my nearly 9 year old enjoyed reading the text herself, and letting the unique word combinations and names roll off her tongue.

  The toddler was more interested in the pictures, especially the front and back sleeves which depict all sorts of different people– from saints to cowboys, to children doing handstands.

    “When God Made You” is now available through Ancient Faith Publishing and Also be sure to check out Jane’s blog, which is such a fun and inspiring read, and great to share with any little budding authors that might live in your house!

    Now, off to read more great books!~

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