New Print: St. Elizabeth of Hungary

   It was a beautiful little mountain church— not in Europe, but the Ozarks, that first introduced me to St. Elizabeth of Hungary.
   The catholic church of that name is nestled into the wooded hills of Arkansas was a stop on a visit to see family in the area, and I was captivated by the beautiful garden, the sweet chapel, and the statue of the young woman at the top of the path leading down to it all.

   That statue was of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, who through fragments of stories I’ve learned was a beautiful and kindhearted princess, born in Hungary and married to a Germanic prince.
   Faithful since childhood, young Elizabeth and her betrothed had a loving relationship that led to an increase in both their faiths, and three children.
   Elizabeth, as affluent as she was, was determined to spend her time caring for others— especially the sick and poor near where she lived. She built a hospital at the foot of the mountain of her castle– Wartburg Castle in modern-day Germany, and after her husband’s death she devoted herself entirely to caring for the sick and less fortunate.

   There are many tales associated with Elizabeth— about her sneaking food, such as bread, out to the poor and when being questioned about it by those who didn’t agree with this practice, the bread she carried turned to roses.

  I am happy to share that prints of this painting are now available in my etsy shop! They are professionally printed on linen paper and would make a sweet gift for anyone who admires this popular saint.

   To celebrate the completion of this painting and its promise of spring (how I enjoyed painting roses and look forward to blooms again!) I am giving away a FREE PRINT to a lucky winner. All you need to do is comment on THIS POST— tell me why you’d like to have St. Elizabeth in your home!

  I would love it too if you shared this post on your facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. and if you do— let me know! Leave an additional comment and increase your chances of winning!

  I’ll choose a winner on Thursday February 11. Best of luck!~

94 thoughts on “New Print: St. Elizabeth of Hungary

  1. Your style of artwork is beautiful, Heather, and this is no exception. St Elizabeth is a wonderful saint and you have captured her so well. The work would look great in my home (or any other) because it radiates beauty, goodness, peace, generosity and sanctity, and would serve as a reminder that such traits and virtues are achievable for all of us!


  2. I love, love, love your artwork and this is one of our daughter's favorite saints – so it would make a wonderful gift for her! I'll share on my personal page and my business page! (Saintly Seasons)


  3. This so reminds me of my Hungarian grandmother, Elizabeth. I am captivated by the whole thing but mostly the kind expression on the elderly woman in the babushka. I can see my grandmother in her


  4. I love the simplicity and whimsy of your artwork! I didn't grow up in a church that necessarily revered the saints (I've grown up Protestant), but their stories are fascinating. And St. Elizabeth of Hungary exemplifies something I've always striven for–living with eyes open to the needs of others, even those right in front of you (which, as I've been considering missionary work, is more important to live out than ever).


  5. I always love your work. One of the most beautiful treasures in our Catholic church is the communion of Saints. We love to surrounds our living room & bedrooms with the image of the Saints, to have their intercessions & communion. This Elizabeth of Hungary painting will be beautiful for this purpose!


  6. She's long been a favorite of mine! I'd love to have your beautiful art on my wall. I think it's so important to surround our family with examples or our rich Catholic faith. What a great example! Plus, beautiful art is yet another way to lift hearts to God.


  7. My Hungarian great grandmother was named for St. Elizabeth. It is also my mother's name. Her story was always a favorite of mine. I'd always turn to her story in one of the little books of saints in my schools library and stare in awe at the miracle depicted in the illustration.


  8. I would like this print of St. Elizabeth because it is beautiful and the Saints are very dear to me. I cannot get enough of them and they inspire me to grow closer to God and help point me in the right direction.


  9. I would like this print of St. Elizabeth because it is beautiful and the Saints are very dear to me. I cannot get enough of them and they inspire me to grow closer to God and help point me in the right direction.


  10. I have four daughters who love fairytale and princess stories. Saint Elizabeth shows us that you can have beauty, royalty, wealth, true love, and most importantly, sainthood. She is the princess I want my daughters looking to as a role model.


  11. This is a lovely painting it is amazing to see how much your art has evolved over the years maybe about 6 years ago I had won a painting from you in one of your giveaways. Your work is always beautiful.


  12. I think this is a beautiful print (and that alone would be enough of a reason for me to have her in my house), but this is a fairly new to me saint and I'm intrigued by her story now and am interested to learn more.


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