Suddenly spring is here! I have been so sick for the last week and a half…and in that time it seems like winter has started to fade and spring has come! I couldn’t be happier about this development…as much as I love autumn, there is something so pleasantly surprising about spring, isn’t there? The greens are so green. The flowers so delicate and lovely. Every little blossom is worth celebrating. The kids and I like to look the yard over and see what’s woken up with each new day. There’s something so exciting and reassuring about it all~

   Curled up on the couch not feeling good has meant not much work has gotten done. Some days it was all I could do to get the dishes washed. Still working on that laundry. But I did get lots of thinking done, which is always nice! Also a little bit of reading (like that sweet little reader I found at an estate sale! I love the illustrations in “This Is Our Parish.” Oh, what a simple 1950s life that family had! All with perfect hair and gloves and flouncy dresses and suits! We’re lucky if we get out the door for church in matching socks)

  A good friend also gave me a pretty little Russian doll, who carries her little doll baby. I love the color, all the pattern, all the layers. Colors and layer, just like I like to paint!

  Which reminds me….I’ve got a lot of work to catch up on. But I just wanted to stop in fast and chat with you. I hope you are well and looking forward to a beautiful spring!~!
Til next time…

4 thoughts on “*Spring*

  1. Still pretty cold here, but it seems to be looking up!And I've been thinking a lot about the 50s too lately. I think I would have done well in simpler times like that. And everything sure was prettier. Clothes, cars, kitchens even. But I suppose living in this day and age has its advantages too. Blogs, for instance;)


  2. I am in love with your blooming daffodils, which do not live down here in Florida. To me, they are the voice of Spring's arrival! Having grown up in the 1950s, I remember those Sunday mornings trying to get a big family out of the house on time without a bunch of tears. My Dad played the organ in the church and my mom taught the 4 year old class. We were all there unless one of us was near death with some fevered illness! LOL!! And those flouncy dresses? Can I just say that those crinolines itched and those leggings to my winter coat were bulky and HOT!! But there were good times too and I have many fond memories of those early years growing up.


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