A Visit to St. Joseph’s

My family outside St. Joseph’s Church

   I have a bit of a soft spot for St. Joseph. He’s the quiet, steady, “dad”— the level headed ‘get things done’ practical figure of the Nativity Story. He is often times off to the side in images of that Holy relationship between Mary and baby Jesus. And he’s totally ok with that. He’s confident and kind, he doesnt need the fuss. I love that about Joseph, and some other bearded guys I know and love.

Bearded dads + babies

   Joseph is the earthly father figure to Jesus, teaching him the practicalities of life— how to use his hands, how to read and study, how to be a part of the community and a man in general. From what I can tell, he did a fantastic job!

   This past summer we sort of wandered upon a little stone church tucked into the downtown area of the beautiful Berkshires town of Stockbridge, Mass. The church was called St. Joseph’s, and behind it was an amazing grotto set up with a stone alter.

  All around was lush, pristine nature and it was such a quiet, holy place. We wandered around as a gentle rain fell and it was a wonderful way to begin that day filled with time with good friends, good food, and gorgeous surroundings. 

Stone grotto behind the church

    The idea of a Holy space created within nature is so alluring to me. I’d like to try to make something special outside with the kids. Of course, I dont have any sort of grand set up like this— but I’m sure we can find some little rocks and maybe a small cross. Wouldn’t that be so fun to do? I’m tucking that idea back for later…..we will see what comes of it! I do plan on making a little Marian Garden again, and you can see the blog post I wrote about that last year HERE.

  Anyhow, I just thought today of all days was the perfect time to share these little photos, and to remember St. Joseph this weekend. Hope you enjoyed a little peek, and have a great weekend!~


4 thoughts on “A Visit to St. Joseph’s

  1. This is a beautiful little stone church and backyard garden. Even the photos make one want to stop and just sit awhile in the quiet beauty. I bet it is beautiful all seasons of the year too. We all need quiet places where we can just sit and collect our thoughts. Looking forward to photos of this year's Marian garden again!


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