Holy Week

   And here it is, Holy Week. We are taking it quiet and slow here at our house. Although it has already been good– Audrey was an acolyte for the first time during the Palm Sunday Service. She did such a great job and was such a big kid. I was so proud of her!

   At home, we tuck our new palm crosses in with the icons. Last year’s palm crosses got buried in the garden, under the peony bushes….hopefully to give them blessings and the urge to finally bloom this year! It might take an Easter miracle… 😉

  We set up a little Easter/Spring altar on an old dresser we recently moved into our living room by the front door, and we love the look of it. The dresser used to stand in the entry of my father-in-law’s childhood home, which evidently was an old craftsman like ours. It held decades worth of hats and mittens previously…and now it will do it again!

   The book we chose to display for our altar is “A Time To Keep” by Tasha Tudor, which is an absolute favorite. We also put out a well loved baby duck from Old Sturbridge Village (which is named….Baby Duck), a small framed Lord’s Prayer and a nest with a wooden egg inside. In the center we have a battery operated candle sitting in a wooden bowl. The theme of this altar is “If the toddler snatches it up and throws it on the floor, it has good chances of survival.” And so far, so good!

  And so much good reading going on too, me falling down a happy rabbit hole with Simplicity Parenting that is so good I’ll probably do a post just for it. It’s led me to do other reading about simple play, basic toys, and being more conscious about what toys and ‘things’ we bring into the house to live with us. Not just consuming, but enjoying. It’s made me more thoughtful on so many levels. One level being Easter baskets, which will be very basic, with a bit of candy and one gift that will be useful inside— not something thrown aside into an abyss of a toy box and forgotten. Our massive playroom clean out is still very fresh in my mind!

   One tip I learned from Simplicity Parenting is to have a small selection of choices for the kids available and not a barrage— so in the living room near our Easter altar we have a little basket with just a few Easter/Spring themed books tucked in. So when Mama or Daddy says “Grab a book and let’s read!” It’s a much shorter time of selection, and I’ve already parred it down to books that make sense for the season and what we’re doing at home and church.

  And with that, we are in a bit of a quiet “just before” time, just before Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil and Easter Day. I am looking forward to the Vigil, which is such a special and beautiful ceremony, perhaps the most important service of the church year. The toddler might have to sit this one out (a toddler late at night + fire makes this mama tired to just think of it) but my girl is big enough to come along and understand. And that’s a wonderful thing.

  Wishing you a very blessed Holy Week!~ And a wonderful Easter too—

6 thoughts on “Holy Week

  1. I love the placement of the dresser near the front door as a seasonal welcome center for family and friends. Little ideas like this make a big impact because they are always available to just take a moment to look and reflect no matter what the age. Enjoy your family celebrations this Holy Week and a wonderful Easter!


  2. As my children are now older l, we have kept our traditions and the celebration of them, small and poignant. It works so much better for all of us. It brings the attention where it needs to be … On our Lord!! Have a blessed weekend 🙂


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