GIVEAWAY! St. Lucia Cards

   Hello there friends, and happy All Saints’ Day! I hope you had a wonderful Halloween– we trick or treated with friends who’ve just moved into a beautiful historic area of Tulsa and it was almost like the trick or treating you see in movies— beautiful old homes done up for the holiday and masses of children and parents milling about— and the only crying to be heard was when someone forgot to turn off their porch light before leaving for the evening.

  And so, we continue merrily on towards more feast days and holidays, and today is another favorite, All Saints Day!

  In honor of one of my very favorite saints, who’s feast day is Dec.13 and celebrated across the world— I’m giving away a new note card set featuring my St. Lucia design!

  Enter to win this card set in the comments below— and extra love if you post on your own social media! If you share the giveaway on your facebook, twitter or blog, let me know by leaving an additional comment and up your chances of winning!

Winner will be announced FRIDAY!

  So tell me, what is your favorite upcoming holiday? There are so many to choose from! And do you celebrate St. Lucia! Maybe we should do another St. Lucia Blog Procession again, would you all like that??

 Thanks so much! And best of LUCK!~

37 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY! St. Lucia Cards

  1. I'd love to say my favorite is St. Nicholas because of all the wonderful ways we celebrate it, but each year I've been last-minute preparing and forgetting to get anything for stockings. THIS YEAR will be different! I'm so determined!! 😀 And since I'm finally trying to fully plan my Family's Advent and Christmas season activities, I'm finally going to actually celebrate St Lucia too! 🙂


  2. Oh my goodness, where to start? Well, Christmas of course! It is by far my favorite holiday. Second would be Easter. 🙂 And of course o celebrate Saint Lucia Day! This year, my sister-in-law Abby and I will be doing it together! I can't wait to make Lucia buns with her. ❤️


  3. Of all the wonderful holidays coming up, my middle son's birthday this Friday is my favorite…I have been wanting to celebrate St Lucia Day for a few years now…but being a mom of 5 boys, not sure how…and don't think my female cat would like a wreath of candles on her head…since finding out I am majorly Scandinavian I would love to figure out a way to celebrate…


  4. I love all of Advent, with its growing light and saint feasts (St. Nicholas! St. Lucia! Immaculate Conception! Our Lady of Guadalupe!…). Maybe it's the cold outside, but I do a much better job celebrating the Liturgical Year during the winter months. Thanks for this giveaway!


  5. These are completely gorgeous! We'd love to win! My favorite holiday coming up soon (that isn't Christmas) is actually St. Nicholas' Day; but I have a very soft spot in my heart for both Epiphany and Candlemas. I've shared this giveaway link on Facebook.


  6. I love Thanksgiving. It has always been a holiday of sweet home memories. However, I do St. Lucia Day very much as well since we used it ,when my children were very young, to learn more about their Dad's Scandinavian background. I am all for another St. Lucia Procession on your blog. It is always fun to see and learn how others celebrate this special day.


  7. I would love to win the cards! I think my favorite of the upcoming holidays is Epiphany…Little Christmas. Such a great last hurrah to the Twelve Days! And I've always loved galette des rois.


  8. I love Thanksgiving, the whole Advent season, St. Nicholas Day, and Christmas, of course! We haven't celebrated St. Lucia Day yet, but I think my little girl would love it! Thanks for the giveaway!


  9. Thanksgiving is the holy grail of meals in our family. I love that it is just about spending time together and it always has warm memories attached. Love these sweet cards!!


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