The Tale of the Red Easter Egg

   We’ve been busy little chickens around here! It seems the girls are all laying now, and we are practically overrun with eggs— white eggs….slightly pinkish eggs (whose iridescent pearlish pink shell interior will make your heart leap a bit when you crack it) great lovely mint green eggs, and teensy tiny brown bantam eggs— one girl lays smooth coffee brown, the other a lighter mocha with dark freckles.

  The other day we got out the traditional Greek Easter Egg dye I ordered from Legacy Icons and dyed a whole bowl full of eggs…..they came out a bright deep pink! I’d thought they’d be more red, but the pink is pretty too. Then I got silly and dropped some yarn into the dye….Oh, THAT, friends, is another story! The Easter Egg Yarn! But I digress….

  We are up to our beaks in eggs and happy chickens….

As for this mama hen, I’ve been doing some little paintings, like a grouping of saint portraits I finished last week. I still have this little painting of Mary Magdalene with her red egg— how appropriate, yes? 
  The story of Mary Magdalene and her red egg is very interesting, one of those lovely folk tales that sprang up about the Apostles adventures after Pentecost was over and they went throughout the world declaring “He is risen!”
  The legend says that Mary Magdalene traveled to see the very Emperor of Rome to declare that Jesus had risen from the dead. She had brought a basket eggs to illustrate her point about rebirth, but the emperor mocked her.
“He is no more ‘risen than those eggs are red!” He is said to have scoffed….and then the crowd gasped to see that the eggs had all suddenly turned, yes, red!
And so it is that you’ll see many icons and painting depicting Mary Magdalene with her red egg!

  I also painted some little wooden pins— perfect for scarfs or shawls or cardigans! I have one more left in my shop at the moment— and I will make more! They are so fun to make, and how neat to have a little painting you can wear, dontcha think?

  And so, these are a few of the things we’ve been up to lately. Just little projects done here and there. At this stage in life, this is what I can manage. I’ve had a bit of an epiphany about what I can do and that its ok if it’s small. I love the St. Therese quote ‘do small things with great love.’ Small things are important. It doesnt all have to be a massive undertaking. It can be little paintings projects tucked here in there, between spelling words and math chapters. And those little things can be pretty satisfying!

What small things are you doing with great love these days? I’d love to hear about them!

9 thoughts on “The Tale of the Red Easter Egg

  1. Your basket of red eggs are just beautiful! A few years ago, we started this same tradition of dying many dozens of eggs in traditional Greek red egg dye for our Easter morning service. We have an elder Greek born member who taught us that the tradition she knew growing up in Greece is that after the service everyone gets a red egg and breaks it against another person's egg to symbolize he is risen. A huge basket of these gorgeous red eggs is just incredible and everyone loves the breaking of the eggs tradition…especially the kids!! LOL!! I love your mini pins and can't wait for mine to come in the mail!! Yes indeed, sometimes it is the little things that make the big picture work. Your hens are just beautiful Girls! No wonder you are having so much fun with them. And there are so many great ways to eat eggs and also to have eggs to share with family. There is nothing better than homegrown fresh eggs. The taste is superior to store varieties.


  2. Pretty pins! The eggs and chickens are lovely too. And thank you for sharing the story of Mary Magdalene and the red eggs. I've seen the red eggs before but never knew their significance. I am also an artist and have found it really hard to have enough time to make art like I used with my little ones around. I've been trying to get back into it after a long break, and your words remind me of my own inner dialogue. \”Do small things with great love\” is a great quote that I need to write down somewhere so I can see it everyday. I was thinking about starting to make postcard size images on a daily basis just to get me going again. I should really just start doing it and stop thinking about it, hehe. Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. Your girls are lovely! We only have our two, as number 3 (Leeroy Jenkins) had to go away. We hope to get a couple of chicks this spring. As it is, I usually end up with 12 to 14 eggs a week. 🙂 The red eggs are beautiful, as are your pins. I know I haven't stopped by in a while (I have about 1000 unread posts to get through on Bloglovin, gulp!), but congrats on your book, as well!


  4. We are totally over run with eggs now!!! I need a recipe for like…a dozen egg cake! lol! Or I guess we could eat scrambled eggs for every meal! And thanks so much for the congrats 🙂


  5. hello and so nice to meet you! Yes! I have to keep telling myself it doesnt all have to be grand plans and epic projects. Things done here and there can be meaningful too! I think your plan for a postcard image daily sounds wonderful!


  6. Aw, thanks Winnie! And what a fun tradition about breaking the eggs! I think I may give some of ours out as gifts. Our chickens keep laying so many….we have a constant easter supply!


  7. Dear Heather, I like that story about Mary Magdalene. I haven't heard it before and your little painting of her is just perfect. My girls are getting a bit old for dyeing eggs but if I can convince them to do it one more time, maybe we'll give the red eggs a try. I hope you have a blessed Easter. Sincerely, Dana


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