Giveaway Winner

Good morning, everyone! Thank yo SO MUCH to all who commented and shared about my giveaway of my June Madonna print!

The winner has been selected and it is LYNN! Lynn, please send me your mailing address and I’ll send you your print! 😀

If you didnt win this time— dont worry! I have copies available to purchase now in my etsy shop! 
Thanks everyone!~ h

8 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner

  1. Congratulations Mary! I know you will love it for your Easter preparations! Thanks again Heather for the Easter Parade blog hop. It was so very fun to visit everyone and enjoy their special ways to celebrate. Looking forward to a St. Lucia Procession in December as well. I loved learning what was special to so many people. Since December is a long way off , how about something for fall??? For all of us Fall Lovers? Something in October when the pumpkin patches show up and the apple crisps fill the air with cinnamon??


  2. Thanks Heather!! From comments last fall on your various blogs, it seems like you have a lot of viewers who enjoy all the energy and beauty of fall after the long hot days of summer. It would be so fun to do a bit of blog hopping with our flannel shirts on to see what everyone is doing. Mmmmm, Pumpkin Spice Coffee will be out in stores by then and I can blog visit while enjoying a mug at my desk! I am already excited! Lol!!


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