Spring Blooms, Spring rains & Shop News

Hello and good morning! Hope you’re doing well. It’s a dark, rainy morning here and I’m wondering if this is going to be our first spring thunderstorm, and the pup’s first experience with thunder! We are definitely approaching the season of volatile weather out here in Oklahoma. Fingers crossed we have a mild season, especially after that big cold snap last month.

Here at home I’ve definitely had flowers on the brain. A week or so ago I had this bouquet of daffodils I bought at the grocery store put in the kitchen window– they smelled amazing! I don’t think I’d ever brought daffodils inside before because I didn’t realize they had such a bright, springtime scent. When I got this bouquet home, it has a little tag that said they’d been grown at a flower farm in Cornwall. Can you imagine? They hadn’t even opened up when I bought them. Makes me think of Daphne DuMaurier and the gorgeous Cornwall coast….

Speaking of wonderful spring flowers, Hellebores (also known as Lenten Rose) are some of my absolute favorites. I have one that has a pale greenish white flower, but this year I also got a pinkish red one called “Anna’s Red” to add to my garden. These little plants are very tough, and can bloom when it’s still quite cold and even with a bit of snow on the ground. Below is a shot of a table full of them, snapped at my local nursery. They are just….gorgeous!

We are definitely in the change of the season here, leaving behind winter (for now, I’m sure the cold isn’t done with us yet. ) But I love seeing the birds return, and the early spring flowers opening, it reminds me of this little painting I did a few years ago “Easter Morning Walk.”

This month is also a great time to start a Garden Journal, and I’ve still got a few booklets left in my shop and also have it available as a PDF download that you can print out yourself. The garden journal is full of prompts and subjects to write on, so that at the end of the year you have a full and interesting record of your garden, what you’ve learned, what bloomed when, monthly temperatures and moon phases, wildlife and all sorts of things you will find interesting to look back on once the booklet is filled!

And finally, in celebration of a new season, I’m having a spring sale in my etsy shop! Right now you can find prints and stitching patterns discounted automatically, and you’ll see the sale prices shown in the shop. This sale runs through the weekend and as supplies last!

Have a wonderful week and I will be back again soon with this week’s “Good Things Gathered!”

Take Joy!~

6 thoughts on “Spring Blooms, Spring rains & Shop News

  1. My colleague just gave me a pot of narcissus this morning. They are so sweet. I am going to see if Hellebores are hardy in my growing zone; I am always looking for spring additions.


  2. I love daffodils…they were my grandmother’s favorite. She lived to see 99, and she would’ve been 101 tomorrow. Your garden journal looks so nice! I think I might order one. I truly enjoyed your Autumn Booklet, Frost on the Pumpkin.


    1. Aww, daffodils are such a lovely, old fashioned flower, definitely a favorite of grandmas. Let me know if you need a garden journal, I’ve got a few left but the PDF version is always available as well!


  3. Love your vase of daffodils and more photos of the Lenten Roses! I have never seen them before and they are gorgeous. I wonder if they grow this far South since they prefer cooler weather. Currently, I am filling up my March page in my Garden Journal with our big Spring arrival here. Lots of changes had started but our recent warm up just accelerated the process on steroids! Today we are awaiting the arrival of a cold front that has been furiously moving through our neighbor states of Alabama and Mississippi with tornadoes. More of that is supposed to arrive here about 5pm. This time of year is quite volatile around here!


    1. You’ll have to let me know if the hellebores can live in Florida. I wonder if they actually need cold weather to do their blooming cycle? They are such early bloomers and go back to being just greenery for the rest of the year. That cold front you’re getting came through here and set us all off with a tornado warning! Such drama! That means its springtime in Oklahoma, lol!


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