Custom Work

How it works—- I have done custom paintings for people around the US, and even around the world! The internet has made colaboration so easy, and I work mostly off of photographs. When you’ve decided you’d like a piece done, I will send you a paypal invoice for 100% of the price so that I can gather supplies. Paintings take 4-6 weeks to complete depending on size and intricacy. 
NOTE: Sometimes I have odd sized pieces of wood or canvas to work with, or can source an odd size if there’s something specific you need. Contact me and we can discuss!
Below you’ll find some samples of my work and sizing/pricing:

Original Portraits
I love making beautiful heirloom pieces of families and their favorite places. These portraits can range from small, book shelf nestling paintings to large scale pieces to hang above the mantle. Pieces can be created on wood or canvas.

5×7″ wood or canvas: $85

8×10″ canvas: $130

9×12″ wood:$160

12×12″ canvas: $200

11×14″ canvas: $250

12×18: $350

16×20″: $500

(contact for pricing on pieces larger than provided sizes)

Custom Saint Portrait

I love to create portraits of saints and have had the chance to paint some from photograph and some from just imagination. These portraits usually have a more simplistic or one tone background.  If you’d like a more in-depth painting with intricate landscaping, etc. please see my custom portrait prices above.

Mini devotional woodblock 2×3″: $30

5×7″ Wood or Canvas: $70

8×10″ canvas: $90

9×12 Wood: $100

11×14″ canvas: $200

(contact for pricing on larger sizes)

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