Good Things and New Things

So it seems there’s all sorts of good things happening this summer! As well as some massive amounts of cleaning and rearranging. Since you’ve found your way here– thank you! You are now at the new blog home of Audrey Eclectic Folk Art 🙂

I’ve been wrestling with the idea of changing my blog home for, literally, years. When I started my first art blog I had no art business. I had no idea really what it was, aside from a place to post art. It had a massive evolution in 4 years. But I’ve decided I need a fresh change, a chance to clean things up and to also make my blog more cohesive with my business (especially in name!) So…Here we are. I’d love it if you would click to follow on the sidebar so we can keep track of eachother in this new space.
And now on to a good thing!
I am very happy to announce that two of my paintings were published in the current (July/August 2011) issue of Somerset Studios! I love this magazine, it was the magazine that really made something click in my head about creating art and what I could do with it. Haha, I remember the very issue I was reading (Halloween, naturally!) and I was sitting at a booth at Village Inn. How’s that for a memory? 😉
I also have it on very very good authority that the upcoming issue of Somerset Home will feature a little Audrey Eclectic love. I can’t wait for you to see it.
Thanks to those of you who have been Audrey Eclectic friends for all these years and changes! And to those new friends— welcome, and thanks for coming by!
Let’s get a fresh start, shall we?

10 thoughts on “Good Things and New Things

  1. Congratulations! Lovely new blog…I'd follow you anywhere! Did you know for just $10 a year you can buy your own domain name from blogger and then you'd be (your followers will stay with you) I switched over.


  2. Congrats! I love that magazine as well, what an honor. I adore your version of Jane Erye too. I just finished reading it and loved it so much. It makes me want to create art as well! (I appreciate that Jane was a draw-er.)


  3. thanks guys! I love Jane Eyre and the Secret Garden. Its always weird to see my stuff in a magazine, like 'how did you get there?!\” sorta surreal 😉


  4. yay heather! so great to open the magazine and see your beautiful art there. i knew it was yours without even having to read the artist's name. love the new blog!!!


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