Weekend Spruce-Up

Few things excite me more than a good makeover 😉 online, real life, it’s all fun! Over the weekend I decided my living room really needed one, and first stop: the couch! THIS was basically my living room until this weekend when I got that wild hair to change things up. I liked it ok, but it was a little too gold-toned for me. I keep adding more creams and whites. And the big painting over the couch….I love poppies but it really matched nothing else in the house. So? Redo!

I’d seen these pillow cases on the Pottery Barn website. If ever I am rich, I will buy things from the Pottery Barn catalog 😉 but until that day….I will study the catalog and then go to Hobby Lobby and get the materials to make the treasures for a fraction of the price! And so: my own down-home ticking pillow cases made with $28 worth of fabric.
The name of the ticking fabric style was ‘prairie girl.’ When my husband saw that, his reaction (as he tried to wrangle a small child bouncing off the walls between the fabric bolts and fake florals on a Saturday afternoon in a craft store) was “Well. Then you HAVE to buy it.”
I like how he thinks!
Next up? I need to find a fun way to spruce up the wall behind the couch now that the gigantic poppy painting is up there. Any ideas? I think this calls for a trip to the antique mall….

* “Oklahoma” pillow case made by local crafter Christine Sharp-Crowe

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