Three Pumpkins

I finally finished a painting that I can share with you!~ This one is the newest piece in my shop and it’s called “Three Pumpkins.” It features three sweet little girls holding their prized pumpkins. What I love about paintings like this is that they speak to everyone who sees it in different ways. To some, these are sisters, or perhaps cousins. To others, they’re three little friends. Each girl has her own distinct look and style, they’re fast friends but each is her own person. I’ve got it listed now on etsy.

It’s getting to be that time where I need to focus on the fall shows. I love that time of the year! Any special requests? Let me know now, hehe. I’m seriously considering selling my little knit hats with the flower pins on them. They’re so sweet. And of course my child has no time to wear anything her old mama makes her 😉
Hope your day is going well!~

11 thoughts on “Three Pumpkins

  1. They certainly do have their own personalities–I love your artwork!I'm leaving tomorrow for my first show of the season….and it's going to be a hot one!–but it's one of my favorites—very appreciative buyers are there!


  2. Mary Ann– me too! Its so hot all the lawns are dying and leaves are falling off the trees. In the car, you can imagine its 65 outside…just dont get out of the car!


  3. Oooo, your getting me in the mood for fall. I love the three girls with there three pumpkins. I also love your new pillows, very cozy. I like how you have the ornate frame painted behind your couch. Did you paint that? and if so do you remember the name of the blue. I love that blue and I am on the hunt for the perfect blue to paint my kitchen.Jennifer


  4. It's a beautiful painting, Heather! I'm not surprised to see it sold already when I visited your shop! I just love the melancholy in their faces. (^_^)


  5. I SO can't wait for fall!!!! This painting is just gorgeous, Heather. Congrats on the fast sale. 🙂 Pumpkins are so inspirational – maybe more pumpkins, ghostie girls, ravens. 🙂 Anything you do is quite fine. 🙂 I think selling the hats is a wonderful idea – go for it!


  6. heather,oh dear I guess I missed the post where your blog addy changed! Will bookmark for sure. i love, love love what you did to your living room, so pretty and inspirational. And these three pumpkins are making me super excited for the next season (although I still cant get enough of summer)


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