Summer Blue

Yesterday was a nice day full of painting and special treats. We took a tiramisu home from dinner and enjoyed it with some coffee on my pretty new dishes. I think the color I have become infatuated with this summer is undoubtedly blue. I always liked blue-eyed boys, now that appreciation appears to be expanding into household goods, haha.

I have also always had a love for blue-gray kitties. One day I’d love to have a Russian Blue (russian and blue! Adorable!) I featured a little gray kitty in my latest painting, Whiskers and Winifred which is now freshly listed in my etsy shop.
I’m partial to these stripedy gray kitties, obviously, because I have a muse on hand! Our cat, Annie, is a gray tabby, and what a lovey girl she is. Which is all the more impressive since she appeared in our yard a few years ago as a very fearful, nearly feral half-grown kitten. We spent a lot of time trying to coax her out of the bushes and it was a slow process to even get her to let us touch her. Fast forward now, and its practically impossible to garden without her going into full love-fest mode and wanting to rub you and love nibble on you while you try to weed or plant flowers. What a funny girl.

5 thoughts on “Summer Blue

  1. This is a beautiful painting. I love the new blog! I hate change as much, if not more, than the next person but, in the end, it is always good to start anew and give something a fresh perspective. I love the clean, streamline of the entire blog…well done! Thanks for your visit too. 🙂


  2. The new painting is gorgeous, Heather! She is just adorable. And so is your kitty – she looks regal. I haven't had tiramisu in ages. I always used to order it at Italian restaurants…even made a few (but it was never as good as the \”real\” thing). Now I have a craving for some!


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