September Morning

I’ve been enjoying the gentler mornings we’ve been having, and looking forward to some that will even have a bit of a chill to them. My little garden seems to be perking up too in anticipation for fall, and I’m getting rather proud of my gawdy rambling gourd vine just out my back door, we’re finally getting baby gourds! They’re so soft and pretty, like little new borns should be 🙂

The roses are also coming out of their heat induced coma, especially the hedge of knock-outs. Earlier this spring I caught a couple of naughty neighborhood girls picking my roses. I will have to keep an eye out for others who might get romanced by the blooms 😉 I know I did, and picked a little bouquet to go with breakfast. Which was, of course, pumpkin banana bread! It’s september, time for fall bread! (I will be using “it’s september” as an excuse for a great many things).
I hope you’re ready for some fun celebrations and giveaways this month 🙂 I’m planning on giving away some special treats, and some nice friends are as well! Each monday I am planning to announce a new giveaway, with winners picked each friday. So come back soon, and make sure you get your name in the hat 🙂 All those who comment on the giveaway post or become followers of the blog are eligible to win. That’s all it takes!~
So…See you Monday!~


9 thoughts on “September Morning

  1. Great pictures!! I remember when my squash came in how exciting it was to watch them grow. I keep thinking I might try out some plants here in pots and see if I can get them to grow. It is really hot here but we do get a little shade on our patio, but I am not sure in this climate really what you can do I will have to read about it. Your blog header is very pretty ~Love Heather


  2. What a beautiful blog you have! And we have the same plates too. I am becoming a follower right now.I am also shyly telling you that I am hosting a giveaway which will, I believe, be of interest of you!Warm wishes,Stephanie


  3. A LOVELY post Heather and also beautiful photos too…..I got you email and I am OVER the moon with the painting ~ I am going to post it on my 100th post in 2 weeks with a give away as a special post to show and tell my new banner!Karen @ Lavender and Lovage


  4. Sigh…Would love to join you for some delicious Pumpkin Banana Bread…I will be making about 70 loaves for our pumpkin fest coming up the 25th of September. Our Country Store (The Country Barn) hosts a fun Pumpkin Fest every year for the past 10 years. People come from all over to enjoy the festivities. We are in Montana, and there are not many festivals here, not sure why, but I hear the Midwest is famous for them. (My SIL is from Iowa)he keeps telling me I need to go there and experience the fall in the Midwest…would love to, but must keep nose to the grindstone at the store…


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