The Vagabonds

“The Vagabonds”, although I didn’t know that was their title til they were done, has been in my imagination for a good long while. I knew it should be a large scale painting, and I had an idea for an old-timey, music themed portrait. I didn’t know they’d be at the traveling show (see the carnival in the background?) until the background was going in. Funny how that works. But it just seemed meant to be.

I don’t do a lot of large scale work, but this fall I’m going to be doing a couple of gallery events, which always call for some larger pieces, and these larger paintings always look great at shows, even if they’re rarely purchased. People just aren’t going to a craft show to drop a few hundred dollars on a large painting 😉
I really like how these two came out and have an idea in my mind for a large companion painting. I cant wait for people to view it in person! I even took the sand paper to it (as always!) and roughed it up a bit. Can you see the worn edges?
Another cool morning here and I am eager to start the day. I’ve got a couple of really sweet halloween paintings almost ready to show you. I’ll give you a hint– one involves pumpkins, the other a pair of witchy sisters. You’ll have to come back to see them!~
Hope you like the new painting,

8 thoughts on “The Vagabonds

  1. i love them! i love his beard and her fur.. and the carnival in the background.. oh my. you always make me so happy!I wanted to stop and let you know about a giveaway on my blog! Collected Thread is hosting it for their 3rd birthday! It's really cute sweater clips- if you're interested!


  2. I love the rich vintage feel of your paintings simply stunning ……. I know you love period dramas etc in a couple of weeks im going to chatsworth house which was used to film some of pride and prejudice its not far from where i live so i will take lots of lovely photos and do a post about it have a lovely day Heather .. Claire xx


  3. Oh this is wonderful! For some reason these two reminded me of the film Water for Elephants — I think they'd fit very comfortably in that world. 🙂


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