Audrey Eclectic Decor

One of my favorite things about making art is when others fall in love with a piece and it takes on a whole new deeper meaning, or gives them inspiration in some way. Like the photos above– two of my prints, Clare on the Dunes and Anne and Diana inspired a lovely customer named Abby and her daughter when they were “de-pinking” her daughter’s room and giving it a more grown up girl look.

Didn’t their room make over just come out stunning? I love how they took the beachy blues and whites of both paintings and brought it into the whole room. It looks so beautiful and restful. And I love the pup in the room too!~
Ooooh, and I even spy my Emily Dickinson hand painted cup sitting on the night stand, do you see it? Thank you so much, Abby, for sharing these with me! You really made my day!
A closer look at the paintings that inspired them….
If you have photos of your Audrey Eclectic displayed in your home, I’d love to see them! And I’d love to post them here if you’d be up for it. Just send me an email at audreyeclectic (at)
And in an off topic aside, I’d like to wish you all, this September 11, 2011, a day of peace and reflection and love surrounded by your family and friends. What a changing day this was, all those 10 years ago. May we never forget, and be made stronger by our remembrance.

8 thoughts on “Audrey Eclectic Decor

  1. Gorgeous looks fabulous love the colors in that room …when my stuff gets to Bahrain and we get all moved in again I will take a picture of where I put my picture from you 🙂 ~Love Heather


  2. Beautiful look! I especially like Clare on the Dunes.And thank you. I went through 9/11 since I lived close to the towers, so yes, it is a very emotional and sad day.m.b.


  3. Oh, how beautiful!! I am so envious!!! I'd LOVE to have an Anne painting for my daughter's room…someday. Right now she's still young and wants the Pink and Purple room she's always dreamed of. 🙂 This room is so pretty!!


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